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Incandescent Light Bulb Ban

I was in Lowe’s today and I picked up a few more of the old style incandescent bulbs to put away for later. The government has stuck it’s nose in our business once again and in it’s infinite wisdom it has decided these bulbs use too much energy, therefore, we will be forced to buy those CFL pigtail bulbs from now on. 108 more words


Reducing My Hydro Bill Over $1,000 One Bulb at a Time

I live in Ontario and the promise is that our hydro bills will continue to rocket up until we all are screaming in rage. In an effort to avoid that I am looking at little things that I can do to reduce my hydro bill every month. 483 more words

Home Renovations

The Proper Disposal of Light Bulbs

NPR recently did a great story about helping consumers know which light bulb is the best for you and the environment. We would like to follow up with something that is also very important for citizens to know, which is “What do you do with a light bulb once it no longer works”? 354 more words