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2 GREAT Resources

If you are in Texas (home for me), I found a resource that will be very beneficial to many of us with incarcerated loved ones. It is called TIFA (Texas Inmate Families Association). 85 more words


My wayward cowboy friend and answered prayers

I want to share a letter and a bit of history… I got from a friend that is incarcerated in the State of Oklahoma. His name is Van and I knew him before the terrible fate of his incarceration. 1,510 more words

Just Thoughts

Community organizations join forces against harsh school discipline

Parents and community leaders Kern High School District is still employing discipline practices that unfairly target minority kids.  With high rates of suspensions and dropouts, community organizations and local ministries say minority students in the district are kicked out of the classroom and put into the school-to-prison pipeline. 42 more words


Free trees, and a program for the formerly incarcerated

Self Sustaining Communities is a Richmond nonprofit that promotes growing food locally, has distributed hundreds of fruit, nut, and olive trees to Richmond families and local gardeners.   67 more words


no crying in prison

So, in my first entry, I wrote that “the privilege to cry and express emotion freely is one that our students do not possess.” 875 more words


13,151,520 minutes via @MrTonyLewisJr

Time.  Something intangible, unable to grasp and though it is incapable of carrying a physical presence, it is definitely something that can be felt.  The idea of it seems to pass without much of a… 475 more words

Part III : Future

Court Thinking Twice About Jail for Non Payment of Child Support

By:  Albertina Webb, Esq.

In response to the increase in the number of emergent appeals, both to the Appellate Division and the Supreme Court challening orders of incarceration for nonpayment of child support obligations, the Supreme Court approved a revision to the Order for Relief to Litigant – Enforcement of Litigants Rights (ELR… 253 more words

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