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Finding inspiration from a mom's resilience

Kiera Robinson was only ten when the cops came and arrested her adolescent brothers.  Despite the traumatic experience of a police raid, Kiera’s mother soldiered on - she attended to her other children and strove to keep a feeling of relative normalcy.  43 more words

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Double charged: how restoring victims complicates reforming youth

For juvenile offenders who get off easy in terms of jail time, the real payment for their crimes comes through victim restitution. The process aims to give the victims of crimes like robbery and vandalism fair compensation, but it doesn’t guarantee that the juvenile offender is able to pay the claim. 77 more words


a grown-ass man

calls himself a grown-ass man

which somehow differs from a grown man

ass puts emphasis on something

a validation

maybe it softens the blow

or muddles the waters… 74 more words


12 Million People in Local Jails Annually

Fact: Approximately 12 million people cycle through local jails annually. This does not include federal, state, juvenile, military, Indian Country, or immigration facilities.

Fact… 34 more words


such is life (a true story of love and war)

In my last post, I shared the story of a young Russian couple who were miraculously reunited after long years apart.  I thought here might be a nice place to share a similar tale, from Kuramitsu/Nakamura family lore: the story of my great uncle Clark, presented to the best of my recollection. 714 more words


New efforts to criminalize substance use and pregnancy repeat racist history

My latest article for Colorlines is about the new efforts to criminalize pregnant women for substance abuse. Sadly these kinds of efforts are not new, nor are they actually helping moms or kids. 307 more words

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Treating Prisoners as Well as Farm Animals

The legislature in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is now considering passing Bill S.2232. Officially entitled, “An Act to ensure continued humane animal care in Massachusetts,” this commendable bill is designed to prevent cruelty and ill-treatment to farm animals. 1,885 more words

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