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Are High Schools Babysitting Black Men?

Cheyenne Jones is trying to better himself. As a sophomore in high school, he’s got sports and college to think about, and colleges don’t want juvenile delinquents with a disciplinary folder thicker than their application. 3,912 more words



There – I’m dealing with S and T in one blog – sneaky eh? Did R twice, so this is my way of getting back on the Alphabetical path. 378 more words

“Everything that is really great and inspiring
is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.”
– Albert Einstein
(1879-1955) Physicist and Professor, Nobel Prize 1921…

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The Art of Being Human:Theater as a Moral Agent in Correctional Settings

“Perhaps the most important thing about acting is that it is necessary to step into the perspective of another person, to see the world and life through his eyes, to imagine his decisions, the words, the emotions of that person—often someone very different from you…Once a man has given full reality to a character in a play, he has a chance to give similar thought to the people around him in everyday life.” –Brent Buell, Theater Artist, Sing Sing Correctional Facility[1]

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Watching As He Wastes Away: How a Kentucky Prison Let a Mentally Ill Man Starve to Death

As I type this, a delectable, carbohydrate filled pretzel bagel from Servatti’s is busy baking in the convection oven of my favorite coffee shop. Within the next minute or so that bagel will be brought out to my table and I will promptly devour it, at which point the golden brown pretzely bits of bagel will be digested, broken down into glucose, and absorbed into my bloodstream to provide my body with the fuel it needs to function. 1,413 more words

Mental Health

Billions of Dollars Lost

The War on Drugs has long had a huge impact on America’s economy. There are thousands of people each year being arrested and even locked up for many years due to drug offenses. 267 more words

War On Drugs

The Most Absurd Human Rights Violations (135): Arrested For Overdue Library Book

A Texas man … was arrested for failing to return an overdue library. … In October , police were called to Enck’s Copperas Cove, Texas, apartment on an unrelated disturbance charge, but arrested Enck after finding a past warrant for an unreturned GED study guide.

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