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When Policing and Mental Illness Collide: The Death of Ezell Ford

The stark reality of recent years is that The American Dream – a perfect, safe and utterly protected life in suburbia – has been revealed to be a fantasy for most. 671 more words

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Sparks fly

The machine hummed gently as it awakened beside me. I could feel the vibrations trembling under my feet before reverberating more powerfully up into my chest as it gained life, becoming more energetic as the electricity coursed through its veins. 770 more words

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Indefinite Sentence: In Job Search, Ex-Offenders Continue to Pay

Bob McDaniel sits across from me in a chair in one of the offices at STRIVE New Haven, a career resource organization, calmly laying out the darker details of his past, and how they have made his present and future so difficult. 1,014 more words

Why Cutting Down Jail Time is Key to Fighting Poverty | BillMoyers.com

Julian Adler discusses alternative sentencing:

Any time spent behind bars is harmful to individuals, families and communities. In many cases, the use of jail makes society less safe: studies have consistently found that incarceration does not deter re-offending, with some research indicating that it actually increases the odds of recidivism.

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Let's Debunk Those Bad Arguments

Gather ‘round, folks. We need to have a chat.

I know I’ve been talking a lot about #Ferguson lately, but it deserves the attention. I’m sorry if that makes some people uncomfortable, which is sort of a lie. 1,278 more words

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Different Justice For Blacks

American justice different for black men – CNN

The caption under the one of the pictures of the slide show says, “Police point out a demonstrator who has his arms raised before moving in to arrest him Tuesday, August 19, in Ferguson, Missouri.” The picture shows a group of cops, obviously pointing at a man with his hands raised in the air. 1,732 more words