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A very simple Epiphany song

This one was for the lovely Yvonne, whose church wanted something bouncy for Epiphany! ¬†Fairly obviously, the tune is ‘Sing hosanna’.

Star of wonder! Light to lead us! 259 more words

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The Sandalwood Tree

Did you know that it takes 60 to 80 years for the sandalwood tree to start producing the aromatic compounds which give the wood its fragrance? 330 more words


Incense of the Day for Those Down Under is Litha Fire Incense

Incense of the Day

Litha Fire Incense

Midsummer is a great time for herb gardens, because there are buds and blooms everywhere. This is a powerful time to gather herbs, and also to prepare and use them. 319 more words

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Incense of the Day for December 19th is Yule Incense

Incense of the Day


2 Parts Frankincense
2 Parts Pine needles or resin
1 Part Cedar
1 Part Juniper Berries

Mix and smolder at Wiccan rites on Yule or during the winter months.

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Aromatic Thursdays

I am going to writing about incense and the uses it has.

I love the smell of nag champa.  Super Hit is cool too.

I never new how many smells there are out there. 39 more words


Incense of the Day for December 17th - Binding Incense

Incense of the Day


4 Parts Nettle
4 Parts Thistle
4 Parts Knotgrass
1/4 Part Nightshade
1/4 Part Aconite (wolfsbane)

Burn with caution during outdoor rituals to destroy baneful habits or thoughts. 8 more words

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