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How to incentivize curiosity

How Long Does It Take to Get to Tatooine?

On an early autumn morning in 2009, Randall Munroe, a NASA physicist turned full-time cartoonist, was teaching a weekend physics class to high-school students in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 138 more words

Behavioral Economics

Curation Right

Intellectual property protects and rewards investment and innovation. Where intellectual property does not apply to the products of our intellectual labor this is unjust and inefficient. 176 more words

Creative Economy

Why I Don't Really Mind Exploiting Public Aid

I am already very aware that many conservatives are going to read the following and get their tits all in a twist about what this whole post is about, but I’m not writing for conservatives; I’m writing to be heard. 537 more words


Where are the Cantu's of Business?

The fascinating part of the Best Companies in 2014 is the majority of them are technology, health care, and finance industries. What is it about these industries that are the focal point of what society views as the “best”? 663 more words

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Terry Anderson on the Environment and Property Rights

Link: http://www.econtalk.org/archives/2014/08/terry_anderson.html

Summary:Terry Anderson, distinguished Fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute talks about free-market environmentalism and property rights that can protect natural resources. 53 more words


Innovate and Die?

I guess we have all heard the saying “innovate or die!” but I am wondering if there are times when the maxim should become ‘innovate… 574 more words


Catering to Cyclists

A new trend in apartment development seems to be targeting the cycling crowd. From a story in the Wall Street Journal:

Seattle’s Velo building in Fremont is built right off the Burke-Gilman bike and recreation trail. 343 more words

Housing Trends