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Dubai Is So Rich It Pays People Two Grams of Gold for Every Kilo of Body Weight They Lose


A weight loss contest held in Dubai this summer promised to pay all its participants two grams of gold for every kilogram of body weight lost.

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Freedom Franchises and the solution to the immigration “problem”

The current impasse over immigration reform is only a symptom of a larger problem. The prevailing narratives, whether of the “c’mon, show some compassion”, or the… 666 more words


How to Get People to Give More to Your Charity

If you have your own charity or are actively involved in one, this article’s for you.  With the holiday season coming up, this is a key time for fundraising that you’ll want to maximize on.  1,012 more words


Read -- 2014/11/19

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  1. North Korea: UN moves closer to ICC human rights probe” (BBC News). A motion seeking a probe passed the human rights committee 111 in favor, 19 against, 55 abstaining.
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Why do we tip?

The Economics of Tipping

My dinner companion sounded indignant. “It’s a shame we have to tip the waitress,” she said. “The restaurant owner ought to pay the staff enough to live on.” I imagine that is a common attitude among those steeped in our current cultural climate of envy and dislike of economic success — the anti-capitalist mentality, as Mises put it. 95 more words

Behavioral Economics

"Bite for Bite" - a strategy to try when kids refuse to eat

Author’s note: This “trick” is probably not all that original and can probably be found elsewhere on the internet. It’s also not guaranteed to work on every child. 439 more words


5 Tips to a Winning Company Culture

What’s the difference between being a good friend and a good employer? According the happiest companies in America last year, not much.

Happy companies all have one thing in common: They give without expecting reciprocity.

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