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Why Immediacy Matters: The Implications of Hyperbolic Discounting

People tend to choose a smaller but sooner reward over a larger but later reward as the time period between present and reward decreases. However, as rewards occur further in the future, people act less impulsively and choose to wait. 909 more words


Bead Chains

Last year I ran a year-long incentive called the Wall of Wow, in which students displayed the pieces they had learned on the back of the studio closet door. 277 more words


Deforestation in the Brazilian Beef Value Chain

Datu Research for the Environmental Defense Fund

[EDF Talks Global Climate blog] The report, commissioned by EDF, finds that progress in decreasing deforestation rates could easily be reversed unless ranchers are offered the right incentives to switch practices on their ranches and the right policy frameworks are adopted by companies and governments. 156 more words

The Natural World

Gaian Ethics

Carrot and Stick

Like the horses in the graphic, we each are driven by the lure of pleasure and avoidance of pain. We go through life as hedonists, whether we condemn hedonism or seek to understand it. 303 more words


Something shiny to focus on.

Last Wednesday was report card pick-up night. I’ve come to dread report card nights. I love, love, love the ability to chat with teachers and get a really in-depth idea of how my children are doing. 751 more words

Blessed And Possessed

Is payment by diagnosis for dementia a good strategy?

There is a considerable furore surrounding the new proposal to pay GPs £55 for each dementia diagnosis. The Patients Association called it “a step too far” that would mean a “bounty on the head” of some patients ( 607 more words

Health Economics

I Love You...I Love You Not...

The relationship between my two boys, aged 9 and 6, is truly one of Love and Hate. When they get along, they play incredibly well together and are absolute angels. 298 more words