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An uncompromising critique of Freud and his legacy

Dalrymple points out that the incestuous adulterer Sigmund Freud was not a scientist but

a money-grubbing charlatan oscillating between wishful thinking and outright lying, an unscrupulous manipulator who owed his success not to the truth but to the emptiness of his theories, the founder of a religious sect rather than of a scientific discipline, a man avid for fame and fortune only too aware that he might not achieve them by more conventional means.

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Research assessment on Sibling Incest

As part of my paper on Sociology of Kinship, I did my research project on Sibling Incest and sociologically understanding an incestuous relationship between an older brother and a younger sister. 57 more words

Edward Vll's Favorite Bastard?

Was this wealthy, fancy dress clad turn of the century socialite both the secret daughter and mistress of King Edward Vll? Her youngest child and only son, Edward James, who was born at the height of his mother’s royal affair, certainly believed this rumor to be true. 1,034 more words

Great Britain

Gift of Grace

It may happen that God works a deep cure in us through totally insignificant events. Sometimes we are called by God to come out of ourselves, to take several steps forward, to become more adult and free. 723 more words

Luther's Ambassadors by Jay Margrave (2008)

Inspired by Holbein’s painting The Ambassadors, this novel begins with a secret meeting between the young Anne Boleyn and the two future ambassadors themselves – Georges de Selve and Jean Dinteville. 2,745 more words

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Review of “The Dollanganger series” by VC Andrews

The Dollanganger series is one of the most intriguing book series by Gothic writer Virginia C. Andrews. The series comprises 5 novels of which Flowers in the Attic (1979), Petals on the Wind (1980), If There Be Thorns (1981), Seeds of Yesterday (1984) and Garden of Shadows (1986) (started by Andrews, finished by Andrew Neiderman). 79 more words


Review of Dollanganger Series Book 1 - Flowers in the Attic by VC Andrews

Published: 1979

Author:  VC Andrews

Adaptations: Flowers in the Attic (2014)

Genres: Fiction, Gothic, Romance novel

Available on: Amazon


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