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Family Affair

At 10 years old, Chico Colvard shot his older sister in the leg. This seemingly random act detonated a chain reaction that exposed unspeakable realities and shattered his family. 133 more words


Incest, Gay Marriage and Arranged Marriage: Convo With A Five Year Old

Lady C: Mommy did you know that girls can marry girls and boys can marry boys?
Aisha: I did know that, where did you learn that?

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August 5th, unless...

August 5th, unless they put it off once again. I just wish this were over.

I wrote him again. My soon to be ex DIL cannot hold my grandchildren hostage from me anymore. 22 more words

Parents Of Sex Offenders

The early years.

Growing up I don’t think I have ever not known what sex is. At a very early age (6ish) I started watching porn. I remeber the first time me and my older siblings found the porn channels on pay per view when my parents were away at work. 572 more words


17 People Who Were Born Out Of Rape Or Incest Reveal Their Stories

Found on r/AskReddit.

1. Product of incest

Okay, so my real parents are my mom and her twin brother.

No, I’m not Joffrey.

I found out last summer when I was 15.

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Enslaved Mother and Son – Capitolul 02

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