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Embarrassing Stories: Part One

So, I’m going to share an embarrassing moment that I had today. I probably shouldn’t, but I got embarrassed and that doesn’t usually happen. I’m awkward 24/7, but not embarrassed often. 246 more words


Broken? broken.

With tears in her eyes, she ran back to her room. How could he? He was supposed to support her, and be her protector.

Who knew that one day, she would need to be protected by her very own protector. 773 more words


Strange Happenings in New Paltz

This past week has been quite a disturbing one in terms of crime. There have been two gun-related incidents in my small town, one just across the street from campus and the other at a popular off-campus bar. 377 more words

#4815 Crash Positions Please

Me and my big mouth.
Bus nearly wiped out an idiot who cut in front. Also illegally traveling in a bus lane. Ryde heading towards Gladesville.


#4815 Face Plant Express

Were in for a shocker of a ride. Erratic driving style is ridiculous. Lady up the front trying to stop face planting the glass partition every time the driver slams on the brakes. 9 more words


Spring Party becomes Tragedy: Capsizing Sewol Ferry

I can feel the joy of the youngsters to hold a school trip. They never imagine that it may be the worst school trip they ever had. 819 more words

South Korea

Fatality at Teddington station

A person was hit by a train at 12:30pm at Teddington Station today, halting trains and requiring the power to be switched off.

Emergency vehicles including ambulances and police cars were soon in attendance at the station and two trains remained stationary off-platform. 161 more words