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A Garbage Issue

If there is one issue cropping up in this municipal campaign that I have very little use for it is the call for the return of weekly garbage pick up. 728 more words

Stewards of Sustainability

Reading articles online and offline, I find the good and bad that is happening to our air, land and water. I prefer to read about the good and promote the positive actions that people and companies are doing. 160 more words


Poolbeg Incinerator is likely to go ahead

The Irish Times reports that a Dublin City Council report recommends Poolbeg incinerator proceeds.


Waste to Energy - Incineration Vs. Gasification

There are two ways to use waste to create energy. 


Incinerators use a large amount of air to burn solid waste and produces polluntants that can only be treated after combustion. 480 more words


Municipal Waste Management in Vietnam

The other day we received a team of Japanese experts and university students at our incineration plant while it’s still in the midst of construction. Other than general meet & greet, getting to know what we do blah blah, we wanted to have a more in-depth and eye-opening discussion around the actual situation of Municipal Waste Management in Vietnam, typically from the economic and policy standpoints. 1,128 more words


Incinerators; Discussion of By-Products.

In the previous entry it was established that an incinerator is a requirement by MARPOL aboard any vessel and is an cost-effective way of waste disposal. 639 more words

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