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Kodak’s Deadly Dioxin as reported by Citizens Coalition in 2002.

Kodak’s hazardous waste incinerator, Building 218, Kodak Park, Rochester, NY

The United State Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Draft Dioxin Reassessment report, concluded for the first time that dioxin is a “human carcinogen” and that virtually every American has a body load of dioxin that is at or near levels shown to cause health effects. 6,439 more words

What Chemicals are we talking about?

Ironically in conversations with people that are not from the area they usually assume that the pollution problem has been solved because Kodak filed bankruptcy. However, that’s not actually true. 526 more words


This paper investigates the operation and emission characteristics of a novel design four chambers infectious meat incinerator.
This incinerator is internally divided into primary, secondary, intermediate and heat exchanger chambers. 225 more words

Techno Trash Solutions (Pinterest)

Board description:

This board illustrates the reality of e-waste and the harm our technology can do to our environment when disposed of incorrectly. Awareness is the first step, the second is making the solutions known, the third is changing your habits and actions, and the fourth is making crafts! 829 more words

What happens when ideology and common sense collide

I read recently in The Guardian about how Australian chemicals company Orica has announced that it had applied to ship a significant stockpile of chemical waste to France to end a long-running saga over how to dispose of it. 514 more words

Waste Management

RDF exports have dug us out of a hole - literally - but why aren't we extracting the energy value for ourselves?

According to this LetsRecycle.com story exports of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) to mainland Europe are on the increase, and are predicted to reach 2.4 million tonnes a year. 853 more words

Waste Management