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Waste to Energy - Incineration Vs. Gasification

There are two ways to use waste to create energy. 


Incinerators use a large amount of air to burn solid waste and produces polluntants that can only be treated after combustion. 480 more words


Municipal Waste Management in Vietnam

The other day we received a team of Japanese experts and university students at our incineration plant while it’s still in the midst of construction. Other than general meet & greet, getting to know what we do blah blah, we wanted to have a more in-depth and eye-opening discussion around the actual situation of Municipal Waste Management in Vietnam, typically from the economic and policy standpoints. 1,128 more words


Incinerators; Discussion of By-Products.

In the previous entry it was established that an incinerator is a requirement by MARPOL aboard any vessel and is an cost-effective way of waste disposal. 639 more words

Our Approaches

The Incinerator Machine

Waste, especially at sea is a continuous nuisance as it is mostly solid and occasionally toxic and damaging to environment; however it is something that cannot disappear and warrants a stable disposal method: the incinerator. 1,054 more words

Our Approaches

Population Rate

When you think about the environment and what we need to keep the air and water clean do you think about the population?

People cause waste.   322 more words

Zero Waste

Kodak Park Falls

Only a few residents might recall when some of the buildings came down in 2007.  Certainly employees both current and former recall this day with sadness. 322 more words


Kodak’s Deadly Dioxin as reported by Citizens Coalition in 2002.

Kodak’s hazardous waste incinerator, Building 218, Kodak Park, Rochester, NY

The United State Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Draft Dioxin Reassessment report, concluded for the first time that dioxin is a “human carcinogen” and that virtually every American has a body load of dioxin that is at or near levels shown to cause health effects. 6,439 more words