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Just where should I begin... ?

Around Chapter 6 of my-adventure-in-writing-my-first-novel, it became clear I had not started my story in the right place and time.  My MC  (main character) has developed quite a bit, thanks to lessons I have learned along the way, and I can see I have made a miss-step or two…or three… okay, way north of a dozen… in introducing the reader to my little world. 784 more words

Writing The Book

Make sure your journey goes somewhere.

Journeys need to be big enough to tell an interesting story.  Bear with me here while I give you an example.

Let’s say your story is about an orphan living in the middle of nowhere.  634 more words


Why getting the inciting incident right can make or break your short story

The “inciting incident” is a term used a lot in the study of short fiction, and it’s something that serious readers (and writers) of short fiction should understand and be able to spot.  454 more words

How To Write Short Stories