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Why getting the inciting incident right can make or break your short story

The “inciting incident” is a term used a lot in the study of short fiction, and it’s something that serious readers (and writers) of short fiction should understand and be able to spot.  454 more words

How To Write Short Stories

How Darren Wilson killing Michael Brown incited Ferguson

If you haven’t been keeping up with the news, Darren Wilson has escaped prosecution for the death of Michael Brown and Ferguson is rioting. With… 575 more words


What Makes a Good Story?

Before we can talk about what makes a good story involving technology, we kind of need to agree (or at least talk about) what makes a good story in general.  1,022 more words

Story Structure

That Freaking Mountain: Plot Structure

In it’s most basic terms plot is what describes the structure of a story. It’s the arrangement of events within a novel.

Why’s plot so important? 633 more words


How to Start your First Novel: Four Simple Steps

When I was at ComicCon, promoting the Manitoba Writer’s Guild, I encountered a lot of new writers and pre-writers (those that want to write, but haven’t started yet). 703 more words