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Sugar Glider Supplies Include Healthier Wholesome Balance™ Cereal

In continuing its efforts to consistently improve sugar gliders’ nutritional diet, licensed breeder The Pet Glider has recently added Wholesome Balance™ Chicken & Brown Rice Blend to its menu of nutritional packages, along with its line of healthy sugar glider supplies. 8 more words

Fox Valley welcomes it gets better residency

it gets better.

The youtube movement that became a traveling production will arrive at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center Feb. 16-21. Along with… 478 more words


Auto Transmission Maintenance Should Include Checking and Changing the Transmission Fluid - Rock Hill, SC

Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) does a lot for your transmission system itself. Checking and changing ATF should always be included in the list of available transmission maintenance services. 145 more words

Looking to Build a Toolbox With All the Essentials? Find Out What to Include Here!

Every household should have a toolbox. Regardless of if you own your own home or are renting. In order to help you build a toolbox with everything that a good toolbox should have we found this article for you. 11 more words

What Is a Pour-Over Will?

A pour-over will is a type of will that you would want to include in your estate plan if you are using a revocable living trust as your primary vehicle of asset transfer. 150 more words

LaTeX - insert the euro symbol (€)

Many ways to do it but this is the nicer to me



999\euro \xspace 
% add a space after the symbol
% need to insert the following package
% \usepackage{xspace}

LaTeX - add TODO notes


\todo{TODO note}