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St. Francis of Assisi

This coming week on October 4th, Holy Mother Church will celebrate the feast day of one of her greatest and most beloved sons: St. Francis of Assisi. 1,357 more words

05 Homilies By Fr. Reid

"This is What a Feminist Looks Like!" : Black, Trans and Queer Women in Conversation With Recent Feminist Thought

We’re living in an age where feminism is being talked about more openly than ever before. We’ve come a long way from hating on the bold: ‘This is what a feminist looks like!’ shirt-wearers and slowly coming to a place where we’re recognizing nuance in the term ‘feminist’. 1,324 more words

Nicki Minaj

Inviting, Not Invasive: How to Greet New Church Guests Without Doing Too Much

by Eddie Sanders
Guest Contributor

Every mother wants her child’s away from home experience to come with nothing less than at home comfort. If your mother is as hands-on as my own, your geographical transition equals her inquisitions. 1,188 more words

Current Issue

Breaking the Asylum

There were a great number of horrible things done to cities in the 1950’s and 1960’s that today reverberate like hallucinations. In a rush to force space age modernist solutions onto cities, whole neighborhoods were destroyed. 1,191 more words

Urban Design

Why do we teach English?

One thing I do for some extra cash is tutor students in English at the secondary level. It’s fun work for me, as that one-on-one interaction really helps students grasp the material, but I also love getting a glimpse into the lesson plans and assigned homework given by other teachers in my area – and I have to say, some of it is pretty appalling. 582 more words


The New Digital Language

Pretty humorous, eh? But how poignant is it that we find humour in the idea of switching from the scroll to the codex, when we often have trouble switching from the codex to the digital space? 341 more words