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4 Awesome Side Effects of Being a Super Geek/Nerd

I’m a nerd. And a geek. To this day, I don’t really sweat the difference. The outcome is the same. Were there rough times growing up? 1,462 more words

Attention! Waverley Leader article - older citizens worried about internet use?

Do older Australians use the internet? 

There was an article in the Waverley Leader Newspaper stating that citizens are worried about access to computers and knowledge of the internet.   249 more words

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What makes a good first picture book?

I was prompted to write this after reading an interesting post by Pippa Goodhart here on Picture Book Den. Pippa wrote a very thoughtful post about children needing to see themselves reflected in the books they are offered, and that one way to be inclusive is to steer away from people and use animals as characters to identify with, as this cuts through some of the multiple factors that may be involved in inclusivity. 1,371 more words

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In the beginning was the Word...and the word was "NO!"

Wait a minute!  Wasn’t that word supposed to be… Love?

Yes, it was…IF you qualify as the “right” people.  The “normal” people. 2,140 more words


We are on Facebook!

We are finally on Facebook!

Take a look at our new Facebook page where you will find valuable information and updates.  It is another way in connecting with us.   39 more words


It's time we talked about 'dementia friendly communities'

This could be the video from any corporate. The point is that the video contains very familiar concepts and memes which can be marketed very easily. 1,466 more words

Dementia Friendly Communities

The Woman at the Well

Apologies for the length of time between blog posts.  College work and children seem to have been getting in the way.
This is the sermon I preached at St Paul’s this morning based on my response to  John 4:5-42.
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