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An examination of a recent happening in 'eSports' by an outside observer.

So…eSports. The term isn’t exactly the most familiar in the mind of the general public. For many, it’s probably an oxymoron. Essentially, eSports refers to the competitive playing of video games for some manner of prizes. 412 more words

Inclusivity In Games: The Preamble

Video games have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. The first game I ever played was Doom 2. … 896 more words


One Home at a Time

11.20.14 The Economist

In 1992 Sam Tsemberis, a professor of psychiatry at New York University, started a programme that turned that sequence on its head. Pathways to Housing gave rough sleepers furnished flats in poor districts. 160 more words

In The News

Compliments, Criticisms and Other Comments on Uglymugs.ie

Dear Lucy Smith, Manager of Uglymugs.ie,

Yesterday evening (Hong Kong time), I had the distinct pleasure to view online your presentation at the University of Limerick which you gave last month. 1,525 more words


We've been using music wrong.

Dear Ms. Rizzo:

Recently you proposed that the TCDSB consider classical music as a means of making certain areas of our schools — bathrooms, parking lots — into safer, calmer spaces. 459 more words

Classroom Management

Inclusivity - the seductive harlot

Yesterday I was at a great talk by Gavin Calver, head of Youth For Christ, on the nature of our culture. At one point he identified ‘inclusivity’ as being all important nowadays in society, yet he also challenged us that as Christians and churches we should not be lulled into courting this unbiblical concept. 281 more words

Bible Reading

Be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

I wanted to share this Chapel Talk with you all that I gave to high school students where I work:

“Diversity. Diversity. Diversity. It is a term that is thrown around a lot these days. 481 more words

Televising The Revolution