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Happy State of The Union Address

Evening Y’all,

Being in DC everyone is uber excited for the state of the union address.  My girlfriends and I are currently copped out in the room eating way too much Chinese take out and jamming to… 224 more words


In 2014, we added 2.95 million jobs. That's great, but ...

The U.S. economy added another 252,000 jobs last month, dropping the unemployment rate to 5.6 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition, previous job-growth estimates for October and November proved to be too low, and were raised by a total of 50,000. 584 more words

The “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” Merry Go Round, Or When Will We Ever Get The Gold Ring?

The new law makers (legislators) take their seats in the upcoming days, to do the people’s work as their representatives. The dominant PAC represented, both national as well as state, emphasizes anticipated law making will be about “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs” (Just a reminder, dear reader, the Licking County Board of Elections categorizes political parties as Political Action Committees, PACs). 379 more words

Thomas Sowell: The 'Equality' Racket

Creators: Some time ago, burglars in England scrawled a message on the wall of a home they had looted: “RICH BASTARDS.”

Those two words captured the spirit of the politicized vision of equality — that it was a grievance when someone was better off than themselves. 501 more words


The Corporate Rose Parade

While enjoying our morning coffee before venturing out on New Year’s Day, we tuned in briefly to the Rose Parade. We are no fans of parades, and this one further solidified our beliefs that it is an exhibit of some of the worst traits of our country, from the sexism surrounding the Rose Queen and skimpy outfits of the baton twirlers, to the adulation of our growing corporate and militaristic society. 599 more words

Just A Thought

Knocking on the Door of Income Inequality - But No One Answered

. . . The consequences of income inequality are valid and a real concern.  However everyone (and indeed it appears to be everyone) falls back on “we need a better, new, improved government program to resolve this” mantra – without even fully understanding the problem and its origins.  60 more words

Government Fury