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Of course you can take a shit!

On anyone who makes less money than you!

I have had some great jobs, a few bad ones and some OK ones. But if any of them have taught me anything, it’s that bank account levels are the A #1 best way to determine who you get to talk down to like a shitty 16 year-old with an attitude problem. 1,106 more words


Community Investment, Er, Reinvestment Action

Transit Board may cut Sunday service: Director says money being lost with few people riding Jul. 10, 2014 by Emily Maddern
““We’re just trying to find a way to survive and not go broke,” he said. 164 more words

Game Of Thrones

Writing for the Associated Press, Wayne Parry reports that the Trump Plaza Casino in Atlantic City New Jersey will be closing (“Owners of Trump Plaza casino expect it will close”, 7-12-14). 735 more words

On Basic Needs: A Brooklyn-Based Reflection

This past Friday evening I was walking with a friend in Brooklyn and our walk took us deep into a Hasidic Jewish community in Williamsburg. It was about 10PM and the Jewish men were taking their post- Shabbat dinner walk around the neighborhood. 670 more words


Income Inequality in America

If anybody wants to place blame for the warped content of my brain (specifically the disproportionate amount of baseball stats in my head), a significant portion of the blame probably lies with Bill James. 1,221 more words

Everyday Hegemony Or Is It Rather Hegemony Every Day?

Joe Williams, reporter for the Newark Advocate, embarrassed himself this week. Badly. One of his ongoing reports on the continuing activities of Newark’s city administration and council in trying to address the continuous lack of maintenance on Newark’s road infra-structure (street repair and paving) repeats a refrain he’s utilized since the issue surfaced at the beginning of this year with its new make-up of council (previously the majority was the same party as the mayor’s administration, now it is the other party has council’s majority). 465 more words

A tale of one city

I remember reading Charles Dickens’, A Tale of Two Cities as a child and being enthralled by the story and the characters. It’s a story of social injustice and the heartless French aristocracy of the time. 661 more words