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Wertfrei Wednesday: U.S.: The World's Nanny

Watching the news, one get’s the feeling that the U.S. is automatically expected to fork over Billions in foreign aid, send military aid to world hotspots that angels fear to tread and broker peace between people and countries that have no desire. 203 more words

Brick Oneil

Painfully, American families are learning the difference between median and mean

Warren Buffett walks into a skid row bar. Inside, nine men silently slump on their stools.

None of them has a job. Individually, they own almost nothing. 453 more words

Income Disparity: Food Fast Style (How About Some Higher Wagers With That CEO Pay?)

One of the nation’s leading fast food chains offers the perfect case of income disparity.  In 2012,  Bloomberg published a piece with a 44 year old 20 year MacDonald’s employee as its underlying human story.  711 more words


People Should Be Paying Attention

Troubling report appeared with the online AP news in an article entitled “California drought stings bees, honey supplies” by Terence Chea (8-21-14). Some lines of note: 481 more words


In a 12-1-13 post (Can We Talk – Income Disparity?) this blog quoted world economist Branko Milanovic: ““Inequality studies are not particularly appreciated by the rich.” Indeed, Milanovic says he was “once told by the head of a prestigious think tank in Washington, D.C., that the institution’s board was very unlikely to fund any work that had income or wealth inequality in its title. 649 more words

Income Disparity and Its Problematic Promotion in the 21st Century

Source: The Daily Bell

Karl Marx was right — at least about one thing … While the steady or slightly accelerating global growth rates predicted by the IMF is the most likely outcome, it may not be achievable because of three imbalances: social, geographical and demographic. 336 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence