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The Problem Between Higher Ed and Millennials #millennials #work #highereducation

When you hear the word millennials, you may expect common and rather trite complaints about them being tech crazed, entitled and lazy. These may or may not be true, but more importantly, this demographic group — a growing super power in workforce numbers and influence — may be at a serious disadvantage with regard to their future prospects. 182 more words


The Emperor’s New Clothes Prominently Display A Brand

In the previous two posts Analysis investigated why a community’s elected “leaders” would actively pursue policies of stasis, of maintaining and reproducing the status quo. This was addressed particularly in terms of why three incumbents would be in such a hurry to declare their candidacy for re-election. 955 more words

Long Hot Summer

Do you think we’d see the light
if sunshine cost the wealthy something
or would we live in blackest night
outside the gates and out of sight… 145 more words


Margaret Cho's on a Mission: Helping Homeless Youth in San Francisco

“If you have, give. If you need, take.” That is comedian and San Francisco native Margaret Cho’s simple, seasonal message to the people of her hometown and so far the directive is working: Staging impromptu street performances, Cho is devoting two months to raising awareness and much-needed funds and supplies for the homeless here, in memory of her philanthropic comic inspirer, Robin Williams. 139 more words

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Time is Money

If time was money
millions would die
so that the few
could live forever.

They will pay you just minutes
and charge you in hours… 44 more words


Black Friday

Saw this great piece, Black Friday Highlights the Contrast Between Rich and Poor, that pointed out something that should have been obvious but had never really dawned on me.  397 more words

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