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The Ideal Income Saving Travel Ideas

If your most significant dream is to travel around the world, but you feel that you do not have enough money to do that, than you need to certainly maintain reading, due to the fact we are giving you some of the Ideal Income Saving Travel Ideas. 18 more words

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Ask Anything #2

Anonymous asked,

When income increases, do both demand and ped of a good change?

I made a video response to the question. The answer may surprise you.

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The Homeless Aren’t Entitled to Food Assistance

(Originally posted on March 14, 2013)

About six weeks ago I returned to this little town in the mountains of Colorado because some people had some odd jobs for me. 1,286 more words


Paycheck budgeting

Depending on how often I’ve gotten paid throughout my adult life, it’s affected how I pay bills. I’ll admit, it was much simpler when I got paid once a month and just pay all my bills with each check. 337 more words


Kelebihan guna Prepaid ToneExcel

(1) Anda akan mendapat 1 simkad Tune Talk Tone Excel secara PERCUMA. Namun demikian, anda masih boleh:

  • mengekalkan nombor hp lama anda, prepaid mahupun postpaid.
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No Recycle Bin, Part II: 5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Income!

No Aluminum-Can-Man Is An Island

But the cans CAN be a dock or harbor that’s part of the island, bringing modest income, if worked right!  By exercising extreme creativity you can really turn can-collecting into a surprisingly good side income while also keeping our environment clean.  807 more words

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Don't Send THIS to the Recycle Bin, Part I

In Tough Times, Odd Things Rise In Price

Rising world population means rising demand for all goods and commodities.  This has made recycling of everything from plastics to metals more profitable for the consumer and a cheaper choice for the manufacturer than using new. 530 more words

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