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Benefiting from Residual Income

The most affluent individuals worldwide comprehend the principal of recurring earnings. Residual income allows people to create an earnings stream that remains to pay them even when they are not working. 61 more words

Taking Budgeting Seriously

I will stop letting money control my life by ‘getting it together’ with a budget!

I began budgeting my meager earnings when I was 17 years old, and budgeted diligently for many years. 203 more words

For the 80 million Americans, social security is their only retirement income

There is a shortfall between what people have saved and what they’ll need to maintain their standard of living in retirement.

And, certainly, what Americans have put away for retirement is paltry. 950 more words


Thoughts on Personal Finance Management Part II: Being quantitative

Quantitative. That’s the word I kept thinking about. I understood that
budgeting has profoundly changed, and I think ‘improved’ is the proper word,
my world view and my personal habits. 126 more words

Making the most of your business’s NOL

If during 2013 income tax return filing you found that your business had a net operating loss (NOL) for the year, the news isn’t all bad. 175 more words


Are you looking for work?

Are you looking for work? Need some extra money to make ends meet? Consider joining my team! How does it work, you ask? It is really simple…you buy into the program by going to my website and placing an order… 191 more words