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8 Lesson You Can Learn From Successful Businesses to Advance Your Career

The business world is thriving.  The global economy is here to stay. Couple that with technological advancements which runs through a life cycle within the blink of an eye, employers must be creative in the effort to stay on top.   1,148 more words



September 2, 2014.  Go to “Core Portfolio” for current holdings.

We have had a good run with VNR.  Nice dividends and good appreciation.  But this thing is tanking and you need to get rid of it. 158 more words

Bubbles in world's housing markets... it depends on Location, location, location....is Malta an exception?

Bubbles in world’s housing markets… it depends on Location, location, location….is Malta an exception?

Economist interactive guide to the world’s housing markets

HOUSE prices are going through the roof. 382 more words


How To Turn Your Newborn Into A Source Of Income

A first impression is the second most impressionable moment you can have on someone upon meeting them for the first time.  

In today’s world, beauty is one of the most attractive things to the eye, third only to shiny objects and one of those optical illusion posters where you have to stare at it for 30 seconds and go a little cross-eyed and then suddenly there’s a pirate ship where there was once just crazy squiggly lines.  551 more words


Quiet times

Quiet times in EVE. I have been working my trade routes and skilling up one of my capsuleers as an R&D farmer. Farming datacores provides an easy source of ISK and it is an activity that is not well advertised by CCP. 47 more words

EVE Online

$35 for $300

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A Leisure Life