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Putting Rail Lines in Highway Medians

North Americans are in love with trains that go in highway medians. A large fraction of urban rail construction since World War Two, both light rail and full metro, has used highway medians as cheap at-grade rights-of-way to extend train service, often deep into the suburbs. 1,452 more words


Richard Gottlieb: In Conclusion (Part III)

Richard Gottlieb, MSW, worked full-time at Holland Hospital and had a private practice. He charged at least $150 for a therapy session. From the way he talked, I had the impression that he had a split-level house on a quarter-acre lot in suburbia. 879 more words


the deaths we don't hear about

I’ve tried very hard to track home birth deaths (mostly via the internet and news papers), and it is a very difficult task. I know that many women who lost their babies to home birth do not believe the deaths were preventable, and don’t wish to sully the reputation of home birth by sharing their stories in public. 743 more words

Direct Entry Midwives

Remember Hurricane Katrina

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The ninth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is Friday (Aug. 29), and a handful of groups in the New Orleans area are planning theatrical events, rallies, benefits, days of service, and celebrations of recovery to mark the occasion. 20 more words


Lesson 4: Make me

February 17, 2014

Obligation is something that I have never liked. I despise having to do something just because I ‘have to’ or for no apparent reason. 1,013 more words

I Want To Fail

I'm still sorry. (Incompetence part 2)

Sorry for saying sorry.

I scraped my knees playing ball with the children who never apologize 

(They’d rather tell lies)

And I got up and said… 171 more words