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Obama-World Leader

Obama demonstrates his skill

as a leader in world affairs


The Home Front :: SteynOnline

On Friday, writing about the four-hour detention by US Customs & Border Protection of a troop of Iowa boy scouts, I put it this way… 239 more words


Coverup exposed: Ed Davey's DECC buried report warning of blackouts due to wind energy

From RT.com

The UK risks sweeping electricity blackouts unless it increases the state’s capacity to balance infrequent supply from renewable energy sources, a prominent engineer who carried out government-funded research has warned. 361 more words


Trouble With Customs and Border Protection: Boy Scout Held at Gunpoint

Recently, this story broke without a lot of attention. We are saturated with media stories of cops taking things too far, but this case is extremely telling of trends within US law enforcement policy. 797 more words


Who Am I to You?

I think about language a little differently now that I’m part of the process of teaching one to a tiny human. My original plan was to always speak to Noodle in normal English. 245 more words