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Math, shmath

I am SO stupid. Really, really stupid.

Don’t argue with me. The proof is there, over in the sidebar to the right of this page. The section entitled “Blogging since August 2008″. 52 more words


The world's most important part-time employee

With all of the SHTF, from Russia and Ukraine, to Iraq and Syria to the rioting in Ferguson, Missouri the president still seems to think he’s little more than a part-time employee. 124 more words


Incompetence at your job / internship

My colleague (M) who sits behind┬áme is usually quite a cheerful person, very nice to anyone who approaches him. I forget what joke I had in mind today, but I did my usual turn-around and loudly whispered, “Hey!” “Wait… Ughhhh.” “Mm? 422 more words


Disrespect: v. to sense that a human has much less value because of (immorality and/or criminality) and/or (many inadequate skills in a profession and/or (bad and/or wrong behaviors)) and/or inadequate experience… 191 more words

Common Sense

Habit Forming

I somehow imagined that, once I finally managed to finish a novel, I would get better at sitting my ass down to write on a regular basis. 273 more words


It's all coming together nicely, don't you think?

Americans are now being savagely beheaded in Iraq and our President (who continues to prove that he is completely devoid of even a smidgen of feck) continues his vacation. 362 more words

Animosity International

Why can't we just get rid of computer viruses?

The 21st century is an age of fear and paranoia, and computer viruses are among the things that fuel this seemingly neverending fire. Computer viruses are one of the things I hate about the modern world. 376 more words