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Telling Off Doctors :D

‘MyChart’ is an electronic medical system that U of R uses where you can view your lab results, see parts of your medical record, diagnosis, all that crap. 800 more words

Life After Chemo

Accident, My Ass!

I am reading too many statements about the downed Malaysian airliner like this one “And so what this chain of reasoning leads us to is the conclusion that if Russian- or Russian-backed forces shot down the aircraft, it was very likely a tragic accident.” 98 more words


How Not to Run a Business

I’ve been watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares recently, and ran across the infamous Amy’s Baking Company episode. This is probably the most talked about episode of the program, because the behavior of the business owners is ridiculously horrid. 932 more words

Utah Birth Centers

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That Stupid

As a child the most powerful position in the world was that of an U.S. President. What happened to that concept? In particular, those critical of President Obama’s handling of just about any crisis foreign or domestic are usually met with the argument, “What can he do? 1,134 more words


Memories of the head.

The head has resigned and will be leaving shortly. Here are some memories.

From the minutes of a complaints procedure stage two review:

A valuable lesson for young people. 202 more words

Economy With The Truth

Conservative Brings Eric Holder's Crimes to Light » Eagle Rising

Conservative Brings Eric Holder’s Crimes to Light » Eagle Rising.

Yeah.  Eric Holder can’t be concerned with things like this.  Instead he has to send a team of people out to investigate a float someone made, making fun of Obama.   31 more words

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