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The Consistency of Inconsistency

Good morning! And, yes it is. Yesterday, no matter how the day progressed, I could not find any energy. What’s different today? Not a whole lot—that’s the crazy part. 472 more words


Google "Results amount" sucks (aka bug)?

Tried to do some research based on amount of results that dear Google is providing and found that it… does not work. Well, actually it presents inconsistent results, so I am not  sure what to choose. 648 more words


Do you work for the same company?

I know nothing about fantasy sports. Until I read the Yahoo! front page, I thought fantasy sports was something adults engaged in in the privacy of their own bedroom. 60 more words


Was the Ice Bucket Challenge a surprise?

Did the Ice Bucket Challenge sneak up on the writers at yahoo.com so quickly that they were caught unprepared? Could that be the reason that someone thought it didn’t need any special treatment: 29 more words


Consistency is KEY...

They say consistency is KEY.

This saying is true…this is definitely an area in my walk with Christ that I need Gods help in becoming because it definitely makes a difference! 97 more words

When one spelling is not enough

Why limit yourself to one spelling of a word? Just do what the writers on yahoo.com do, and spell Yezidi with an E here:

Then try a second spelling, just to see if your readers are paying attention.


The Inconsistency of My Consistent Existence

I have decided that out of all the words in all the dictionaries in the world, there is one word that describes me absolutely perfectly: Inconsistent. 1,152 more words