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If It Isn't Consistent, It Isn't Legal!

Dear Legal Sea Foods,

You have good clam chowder, but your inconsistency with the Oxford comma does not enhance my dining experience.

“To provide prompt, friendly, and courteous service by a knowledgeable and highly-trained staff.” 76 more words

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You write the top, I'll write the bottom

In this episode of the continuing saga of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” there’s a lack of agreement on the treatment of a popular brunchtime beverage: 28 more words


On The Alleged Undesirability of Inconsistency

Inconsistency in our beliefs–and thus actions–is often held to be not just a cognitive failure, a breakdown of rationality, but also a moral failure of sorts. 490 more words


A little bit of Hermione, a little bit of Luna…

One of the strangest things for me about having ADHD is being inconsistent. Mind you, I quite like variety, so I don’t actually mind it that much, but it is distinctly strange to be one way one day (or hour, or week, etc), and another way the next. 455 more words

Do you work for the same company?

Something’s amiss with KISS.  And it’s featured on yahoo.com:

Somebody decided to spell KISS with some lowercase letters. So, OK. Sometimes it shows up that way. 47 more words


You write the top, I'll write the bottom

In yet another edition of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” where I point out the inconsistencies on yahoo.com, we see that there’s some confusion over hyphen use: