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Restless Nights

What keeps me coming back…
Its that one ounce of hope for real love
The best sex cannot hold us together
What keeps me coming back… 172 more words


You write the top, I'll write the bottom

In today’s installment of “You Write the Top, I’ll Write the Bottom,” we encounter a case of dueling cases:

Should the name of  the in-flight catalog be written with a single capital letter, or should it be written in “camel case,” with a capital letter in the middle? 15 more words



It’s not a scandal of Watergate proportions, but controversy surrounding deflated footballs has taken over the Yahoo! front page.  So, it’s kinda surprising that the writers can’t figure out how to spell it. 27 more words


Mass medium

This is not a cause for mass hysteria, just individual concern about the poor folks who slave away over keyboards at the Yahoo! front page. Do they have time to do anything besides pound the keys? 80 more words


Just call it a sparkling wine

There’s some disagreement in the writing world about some words. No surprise. One of those words is Champagne (or maybe it’s champagne). The American Heritage Dictionary says to capitalize the word when referring to the region in France, lowercase it for the bubbly beverage. 55 more words


Hello, Inconsistency.

I’m preeetty sure my inconsistency doesn’t do me any favors in terms of making me look like any kind of promising blogger. But, who cares? I’m not a blogger at heart anyway. 455 more words

My blog is a mess

My blog is a mess. This will come as no surprise to a reader. I’m going to try to clean it up a little – to make it so the menus at least work better. 289 more words