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Nimrod Part 31: TALOS

The United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has released a requirement to build a new style of “body armor”, which will protect special forces soldiers from any type of ballistics fired at them. 574 more words

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The FIRST Supertanker

Christians have a responsibility to accept the Word of God as absolute truth.  However, as in my post “Lukewarm and the new (c)hristians“, we find that many Christians do not accept fundamental truths about God, Jesus, and Satan. 879 more words


Nimrod Part 29: Mosul, Nineveh and the Dam

On 17 Aug 2014, various MSM (Mainstream Media) outlets began reporting that the United States has been bombing the Mosul Dam, overtaken by ISIL, the “terrorist” group… 888 more words


Nimrod Part 27: The Yazidi rescue Part 1 - Who are they?

In a media blitz recently, the 30,000 Yazidi’s in N. Iraq are getting a lot of press for being trapped on a mountain, with the Islamic State in Levant (ISIL) threatening to exterminate them in an ethnic cleansing. 1,729 more words


Semiramis and the Architect of the Capitol

To read my previous post about Nimrod Part 12: Architect of the Capitol, click HERE 23 more words

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Nimrod Part 25b: Christmas (part 2)

Part two of Christmas is a reblogging of a post I read on Bible Tools, all of which I have read previously, but presented better than I could have. 4,701 more words


UNRWA and the Perpetual Hatred

Re posted from “Bible in the News“:

“It’s a war that is the end result of decades worth of fear and hatred on both sides”; so said a Facebook comment concerning the current war in Gaza.  2,230 more words