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Convenient Fib

Brrr… It sure is cold this winter (for most of us). Very odd considering all the global warming hysteria. I mean look at this poor camel in Egypt after it snowed for the first time in over 100 years: 542 more words


Inconvenient Truth

Hat Tip To LL@Virtual Mirage.

Ever since the economically benefitted green lobby changed their “global warming” mantra to “climate change,  their strident assertions have been less and less credible. 431 more words

Israeli Traffic Lights

A man on our tour bus asked his wife if she had noticed the traffic lights in Jerusalem flashed yellow before they turned green.

“What?” she asked. 530 more words

Short Takes On Life

Guest Teaching This Week

I’m guest teaching for my adviser’s Climate Policy Implications class while they are at a conference.  Yesterday was the easier task, as the class watched most of Leonardo DiCaprio’s “ 503 more words