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An Inconvenient Tooth - Fluoride Documentary


Published on Sep 8, 2012

An Inconvenient Tooth is a documentary film about fluoride. It was released September 6th, 2012 at the City Hall in Portland, Oregon. http://AnInconvenientTooth.org


The Mystery of Being

Do you know how your life is going to unfold?

Were you once in contact with the Mystery of Being?

Did you somehow lose your way? 372 more words


Jury Duty

Well, I finally got a summons for jury duty and had to show up on April 2nd.

The really ironic thing about this, to me, is that I moved here within the last year and only recently changed my license over.  1,250 more words

What happens when I don't want to?

There is nothing more important to me than loving God with everything I am and everything I have. But what happens when I don’t want to? 526 more words

The Gallon Jug Gym (and Everywhere Else) Douche

I’m not going to lie. I’m a very active chick and I’ve been going to the gym a long time. I am a freak of nature…I like eating broccoli and kale because it tastes good to me. 766 more words

Anything But That.....

I have a theory about an aspect of human behaviour, it goes something like this:

Deep down most people have a pretty good idea of what it is they should be doing. 97 more words

Thought For The Day

Success is Inconvenient

Success is Inconvenient…and you know it! Lets not sugar coat this whole thing. If you are “on your way” to achieving your dreams and aspirations, there are going to be some rather “inconvenient” things that you are going to face. 543 more words

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