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In the Presence of Our Master

God is a kind and gentle Master who loves us enough to take on the form of a human being and pay the penalty of our sins. 359 more words

Union With Christ


Time is growing short at our little gift shop, we are down to a week until closing. The last couple of months have been stressful. 783 more words

Bright Ideas in Inconvenient Places

Have you ever been in your car, in the shower, or in a meeting you can’t get caught daydreaming in, and had a bright idea. Maybe it had to do with a home project you want to start, or an activity to do with your kids, or that small business you are starting. 320 more words

Building The Business

Inconsideration and Inconvenience

Late last afternoon, I experienced a unpleasant incident: a seven-car pile up. Of the seven cars, I was the third. First instinct was to gather drivers licenses, insurances, contact information, and so on. 439 more words



It’s been a productive day as I finally managed to squeeze a few thousand words for something that isn’t a blog or fanfic from my brain tonight, but the kicker is now I’m faced with the dilemma of staying up and continuing to see what nice, shiny, brand-new content I can come up with or getting a good night’s sleep before facing a 10-hour shift at work tomorrow… Do I think it’s worth¬†being a zombie for the sake of my novel?¬† 208 more words


Able Appliance Service

A malfunctioning appliance is more than just inconvenient. A broken refrigerator can mean losing valuable food, and a heating unit on the fritz can mean temperatures in your home or business are dangerously low. 98 more words

Love Sick

Stupid cupid,
shot me in the ass, as I walked past
I used to be a master of my own man
now look at me! 84 more words