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This headline make me want to cry

This headline, with its subject-verb disconnect, makes me want to cry:

Does anyone at Yahoo! Travel proofread?


Maybe Mitt Romney was right

When Mitt Romney claimed during his bid for the presidency that “corporations are people, too,” he was met with derision. But he may have been right, if you believe what you read on the Yahoo! 31 more words


Say goodbye to English

Say goodbye to English. When a writer can’t match a subject and verb, it feels like the language is dying. The writer for Yahoo! TV apparently thinks “Rizzoli & Isles” is two people. 20 more words


He and his wife's decision is wrong

Is there anyone in the English-speaking world (besides the writer for Yahoo! TV) who thinks this is correct?

I have no explanation for why the writer would think he is correct, unless the writer is a fourth-grade dropout. 30 more words


We're in complete disagreement

It’s not uncommon to see a disagreement between a subject and its verb on Yahoo! When that grammatical gaffe occurs on the home of Yahoo! News, I have to wonder about the accuracy of the article. 17 more words


That's news to me

It’s news to me: I had always thought that news was a plural noun that was used with a singular verb. But the grammatical Einsteins at yahoo.com have come up with a different take on the word:


One of these things is not like the others

Here’s a little quiz based on what you’ll read on yahoo.com: What’s wrong with this list?

One of the items in the list isn’t like the others; it can’t logically follow the verb… 65 more words