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What helped he learn grammar?

Was it an English teacher in high school? An editor for the college paper? An English as a Second Language instructor? Who helped the writer for Yahoo! 58 more words


Do you get this?

Do you understand how a mistake like this on Yahoo! Shine gets by the editors?


Surprise! It's wrong

It’s no surprise that there’s a little subject-verb disagreement on the Yahoo! front page:

The subject, group, is singular; the correct verb is surprises


Writing includes wrong verb

Here’s the kind of grammatical error that I’ll never understand. How did the writers, editors, proofreaders, and yahooligans miss this on the Yahoo! front page? 22 more words


Editors have helped fight grammatical goofs

A competent editor would have helped fight this grammatical goof on the Yahoo! front page:


Mick Jagger and the band deserve better

When I read something like this, which appears on the Yahoo! front page, I have to wonder what kindergarten dropout wrote this:

Is there any excuse for writing “is forced” instead of “are forced”? Anyone?


Love science? Hate grammar?

Hate grammar? There may be a job for you as a writer or editor for yahoo.com, where a knowledge of subject-verb agreement is strictly optional: