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Editing recommendations were inadequate

For years I’ve been recommending that Yahoo! stop outsourcing the writing on yahoo.com to non-English-speaking countries. But it appears that my recommendations on editing were inadequate: 88 more words


Chances are you wouldn't make this mistake...

…unless you write for yahoo.com:

The chances are good that if you’re not a writer or editor for Yahoo!, you’d recognize the subject (chances… 9 more words


Second day of errors takes shape

OK, so maybe I wasn’t completely accurate. This is hardly the second day of errors from Yahoo!, but the title of this post does illustrate the correct verb for the subject… 7 more words


One out of three readers has a problem with grammar

OK, so I made up that stat. I don’t know what percentage of people have a problem with grammar. Unless we’re talking about the people who write for the Yahoo! 40 more words


A writer's influence on their readers

It shouldn’t be surprising that when people starting using they, their, and them to refer to an individual whose gender was unknown to the writer that there would come a time that those pronouns would be used for an individual whose gender was apparent. 43 more words



Considering the number of different languages spoken in this city, it is not surprising that some signs have English grammar mistakes.  It is the official signs with incorrect grammar that make me shake my head. 28 more words


Where prices are superfluous

Regardless of what they might think at yahoo.com, readers aren’t interested in the cheapest and most expensive beer prices, they’re interested in the cheapest and most expensive… 46 more words