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'The Increment'... SAS's covert assasination unit... The REAL James Bonds.

The alternate media and ‘truther’ movement gives too much credit to The Mossad and CIA! ;D

‘The Increment’ is a top secret assassination unit, comprised of mainly of SAS/SBS personnel. 218 more words

Increments 2014: just average

Employees have received a salary hike of 10% to 15% this year, the highest being 18% to 22% for consumer-facing industries.

Anuj Srivastva is not a happy man. 447 more words



My Dad told me a Yoruba’s adage that says, ” what a youth will see from a tree top, an adult can see while sitting on a chair”. 304 more words

Oau Christians

The struggle is still on: Students' Union opens room for negotiations

From past congresses until the last which held on Friday June 20th, the students’ union have resolved not to give room to negotiations. Total reversal was the demand until yesterday’s congress. 110 more words


Your opinion doesn't count on Twitter,Facebook... You have to be at the congress

Lots of comments and side views have been aired and are still being aired on the social media since rumors first went out about the current hike in school fees. 376 more words

Oau Christians

Students resolved to catching fun, cooking admist hike in school fees. #OAUSaysNo in Pictures

The Students of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo university today continued the protest against the management’s hike in school fees. Total paralysis of daily activities grew more intense when the management announced the shutdown on Wednesday. 71 more words


Say No to Strike: An Open Letter to the President and OAU students

Written by Victor

As we continue to fight for the reduction in the sudden up-surge of our tuition, we must applaud the resilient spirit displayed by our great warriors in defending the founding principles of our Great citadel of learning. 225 more words