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Google Glass Exits Incubation and Enters the Nest

However you feel about the emerging wearables market, many rightfully have found the notion of Google Glass over the top. Given its obvious potential to distract one’s attention, it should be illegal to wear them on the streets and certainly when driving. 227 more words

Augmented Reality

No. Don't Surrender. Leverage.: Creativity in Scholarly Work

I was just talking with a colleague in the throes of dissertation writing. She’s right in the middle of the mess that is trying to thinking new thoughts. 1,514 more words

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Before sketches of design were started, a certain amount of time was taken out of the procedure to figure out how the functionality of the building would be and what would need to be added to achieve a good functionality to ease the users daily routine. 231 more words



She stumbled upon a feeling of which she knew nothing of,

the feeling of heartache mixed with a hatred kind of love.

Something she could not make sense of even if she tried, 288 more words

Seeping into the new year

I like to seep my way into any new year because it is time to slow everything down a little and take some time out to think.  841 more words

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Incubation. What is it?

One of my friends, Jack Burgess, posted this fascinating little article from Fast Company: “Creativity researchers have a name for this period of intentional interruption from a tough mental task: incubation. 68 more words

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Lucidity out of the blue?

I must confess to not keeping an up to date dream journal up to the point where my regular lucid dream frequency and control has somewhat suffered. 369 more words