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Is Ebola next door, under cover?

In front of the TV with a good cup of tea, it’s kind of hard to believe.

People in Africa are so desperate to improve their lives, they’re actually dying to get here. 691 more words


STOP   E   – Absolute travel quarantine through incubation period.


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Incubation of Long Wattle Umbrella Bird

Here are some pics of the process of incubating a long wattle umbrella bird. Watching this amazing life process is truly rewarding! Enjoy! 24 more words

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Bobwhites Hatch!

And 23 days ago, my friend Lana gave me some of her Bobwhite quail eggs (10 of them). So far, 3 hatched right on time. I won’t open the incubator for another two days, and see if any more come out. 14 more words


Ebola Virus Infiltrated the USA

The first, and so far only, EBOLA virus case in the USA was found in Texas. The infected person was in Liberia and came back to the USA on September the 20th. 44 more words

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The unseen, but not unimportant, side of ecological research

Where is the beautiful landscape or study organism, you ask?! It’s right there in that cooler. Or, well, the analog of the beautiful landscape (in this case a Texas grassland) and my study organism (in this case the soil microbes living at that grassland) are in there. 321 more words

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