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Throw the bums out

We’re now in the final stretch of Ontario municipal elections. Incumbency rates at the municipal level are the highest in the system – average of which (73 out of 75) is far too high. 702 more words


Broken Promises

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By: Daniel Martinez

Humana canceled policies that covered nearly 18,000. The company offered plans to people who lived in Colorado Springs and Denver areas. 293 more words


Letter: Focus on best candidates

Re: Ottawa’s silliest campaign promise, Sept. 25.

There is not one single person, personally or professionally, who is 100-per-cent perfect. When voters feel their elected official let them down due to a single vote, or a single promise not kept, we’re simply setting ourselves up to be disappointed. 151 more words


Incumbents Fail To Comply With Campaign Finance Law

Obie O’Brien, Greg Zempel, and Deanna Panattoni have categorically failed to file campaign disclosure reports as required by law confirmed Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) staff on September 22, 2014. 489 more words


How Much Money Do You Got?

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By Daniel Martinez

The Colorado Senate race is a nail biter so far. Incumbent Mark Udall faces a tough battle against challenger Congressman, Cory Gardner. 229 more words


We Talked With A PDC Compliance Officer

You won’t believe what happened next.

Kurt Young, a compliance officer with the Public Disclosure Commission, confirmed this week (9/5/14) that candidates are not required to file C3 or C4 reports… 473 more words


The Effects of Campaign Contributions on Incumbency: A Study of the 2012 US House Elections

Many critics of our modern day political climate cite over-incumbency in the US Congress as a stagnating force for progressive change. With current members like John David Dingell, Jr. 166 more words

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