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Boko Haram fighters fleeing increased fire from Chad-backed Cameroonian forces have released at least 24 of the estimated 80 persons abducted. Latest reports say some of the freed hostages escaped from their captors while the others were actually released by the insurgents who have come under increased pressure since they stepped up their incursion into Cameroon and Chad. 47 more words


My Goals For 2015............................

This year I am going to try something different!

I have decided that 2015 will be a change of pace for my hobby, over the years I have picked up models from various different company’s. 287 more words

All Quiet On The Martian Front

The End Of The Road, For This Year Part 3………………

This year has been a mixed bag for my hobby.
I started by rebooting my Tyranids and Chaos Space Marine Iron Warriors, as well as working on some Black Templars space marines and Chaos Daemons. 400 more words

All Quiet On The Martian Front

All Scars Vordrast Incursion – Stage 4

Today at Tabletop Tyrants the Leicester All Scars descended once again upon the battlefields of Vordrast, unfortunately Grandfather Nurgle had paid several members a visit and we had a couple of players unable to make it. 998 more words


Black square - you're there...

So heavy is the traffic around the airport vicinity that it resembles the busy streets of Dubai city. The runways and taxiways mingle and cross together giving every possible chance for vehicles and aircraft to crash. 228 more words

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