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[untitled] by Mac Akin

Mac is an old friend of mine (Kraig) from back home in the Suburbs. He is currently travelling around this fucking country in a 1980′s VW bus doing nothing but making art, meeting people, skateboarding, shooting arrows, drinking beer and playing music. 9 more words

On Apocalypse by Lucas Bailor

And what if the Apocalypse, now, its

circulating time creating its own spectrum, lasting

forever, as

it blooms into our consciousness – brighter

than cherry blossoms – burning… 145 more words

A Suitcase Heart

-wanderful, anxious, prepared-

When I was in high school, I told my parents that I would be expecting a car for my college graduation.

Yup… that’s 16 year old me in a… 407 more words


Indecent clothes?

Director Lily Ann Baldago drew the ire of new Ilonggo pharmacists and their parents including others in attendance when she suddenly exited from the venue where she was to lead the taking of oaths of the board passers of University of San Agustin. 749 more words

The Reluctant Writer

- empty, open, reluctant -

Turning in a paper for a budding writer is what I imagine turning over a child to an adoption agency just after it’s been born would be like (please don’t freak out – I realize that there is much much more of an emotional and physical toll on a mother at that point – just bear with me here). 718 more words


Arrested For Not Returning Video & PacSun's T-Shirt Problem - In The Stupid News

A woman gets arrested after she failed to return a VHS rental. Plus a woman finds a way to get rid of all the indecent shirts in a store’s display. 170 more words


Utah mom spends close to $600 to get rid of indecent t-shirts

What would you do if you saw an offensive T-shirt in the mall? Judy Cox was out shopping with her 18-year-old son in Orem, Utah, over the weekend. 134 more words

Just Because