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Indecent, scandalous questions can't be put to witnesses: Delhi Court

Indecent, scandalous questions can’t be put to witnesses: Delhi Court



I am a very proud Canadian. I am proud of my country because we are accepting. We welcome all ethnicities, beliefs, religions, shapes, sizes, colours, everything. 211 more words

2 Major Facepalm Moments

So there are some things that happen that the only thing to suffice the confusion and irritation they cause is to facepalm the crap outta yourself due to a loss of words. 385 more words


Cone of silence on Central Otago meeting

A cone of silence remains over a meeting in Queenstown last month between Labour leader David Cunliffe and high profile Central Otago man, ex All Black and ex National MP Grahame Thorne. 101 more words