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'It's hard times doing time here'

Hey —,

This D. Thanks for the books. They was ok, but I am more in to true stories, true crime, or learning books. But I did read them and if you have time can you send me some more before the thanksgiving holidays get here so I can have something to read and also can you send me the National Prison Resource List (NPRL). 66 more words

Indefinite Detention

33 months and counting...


Dear —,

Thank you for writing. I was glad to hear from you and to know that you remember me. I am going on the 33rd month of sitting in this jail waiting on trial. 180 more words


Say what you want to say

As I mentioned the last time I posted in – good lord – July, I’ve been reexamining a lot of aspects to how I put together articles here. 582 more words


Detention USA: EVERYBODY is Starting to Ask Questions!

By Joe Scarry, via Scarry Thoughts blog

The weather’s turning cold. I’m thinking back on some of the activism we engaged in here in Chicago in the… 986 more words

American Military Culture

'No one seems to hear the ongoing issues'

Hope this letter finds you in best of health and spirits. As for myself I’m still on the ‘hold them till they plea/will we make money/hold him till we find a reason. 244 more words

Corrections Officers

Detention Unended

“Manus” is Latin For “Hand”


Is filth in the guise of life,

Where breath’s

A waste of the energy of the damned;

Where hope is acid burning into reality – 125 more words