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'No one seems to hear the ongoing issues'

Hope this letter finds you in best of health and spirits. As for myself I’m still on the ‘hold them till they plea/will we make money/hold him till we find a reason. 244 more words

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Detention Unended

“Manus” is Latin For “Hand”


Is filth in the guise of life,

Where breath’s

A waste of the energy of the damned;

Where hope is acid burning into reality – 125 more words


'You're sick of who you are, so you let this jail mold you as they want you'

Dear —,

I’m surviving. I really appreciate the lyrics. Music speaks to me as no other. When I read and sing them, I really feel empowered to push without regarding consequences. 556 more words

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'The real injustice is in law enforcement and the court system'

Unfortunately, I am old enough and have started my “criminal career” early enough to have done time in ’98 and got to see what happens when people stand together. 466 more words

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An inmate talks about court-appointed attorneys

“No, my attorney hasn’t seen me. She’s terrible, but it’s the same with a lot of guys in here, man. I really think they are working with the d.a. 166 more words

Indefinite Detention

'The head count on 16 and 17 year old in this pod is six...'

Mon. Sept. 8th


What’s good! I got the books and a letter from you today and I want to thank you.

Well for myself things are the same–they say no news bad news. 198 more words

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