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¡Viva México!: Independence Day in Pictures

We’re suckers for parades. Despite the hassle of getting up at the crack of dawn to claim a prime piece of sidewalk along the parade route, the hours of waiting and baking in the sun are always worth it when we first hear the distant notes of the marching band getting louder by the moment. 446 more words


Welcome to Guatemala!

Yesterday Guatemala celebrated its 193rd year of independence from Spain and I celebrated my fifth full day in the country. From the moment I arrived I’ve been thrown right into the thick of things, which means I have an absolute PLETHORA of things to blog about; but I know that order matters, so I’ve been waiting a bit to write this first post. 1,473 more words


Viva Mexico! Regis celebrates Mexican Independence Day

Living in Denver and being a part of the Regis community is one the greatest things about my life. Denver is so diverse and Regis displays this. 463 more words



Just as Cinco de Mayo was celebrated throughout the whole month of May, excitement had been bubbling throughout the Mes de la Patria (Month of Patriotism) in anticipation of Mexico’s official Independence Day which falls on September the 16th. 945 more words


Y Viva México!

Today we celebrate México’s Independence.  Last night, the President and heads of municipalities all gave “El Grito,” literally, the cry.  The Cry for Independence made in 1810 by El Cura, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla.   216 more words

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Three Months: Mexican Independence Day Celebration!

We arrived in Mexico exactly three months ago, on June 16th.  We can hardly believe we’ve been living abroad for that long already.  The time has passed so quickly, we have experienced so much, and we have made some lifelong friends.   162 more words

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Independence Day

Today is Mexico’s Independence day! There is a parade downtown, and we’re gonna eat delicious traditional food. Even goodle is celebrating it with us!

Hoy es el día de la Independencia! 34 more words