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Happy Independence Day, my beloved Syria! Still, we fight to maintain our freedom. New lies and the truth behind the lies.

Happy Independence Day, my beloved Syria!

April 17, 1946, Syria declared Itself free of the French Occupation. Today is Independence Day in Syria. May She ever be free! 1,424 more words

Independence Day (1996)

Don’t set off any fireworks yet. I used to adore this movie but now after many years and watching it again it has lost its unique alien glow. 79 more words


It Was My Black Cloud - part 1

I’ve been trying to convince myself that the reason I didn’t writing anything in my blog for this last weekend is because I can’t think of anything worth writing about; and maybe what I tell you here isn’t all that interesting, but a couple of you have been waiting for me to write this. 569 more words

Teenage Years

Marching On Through

We’re now into April and it seems March has been pretty much non-existent on my blog. I do apologise, for the only reason for my absence isn’t because of an action packed story like I was eaten by a crocodile but fought my way out valiantly saving a whole village whilst doing so, it’s simply because setting out time to sit and write just seemed like too much of an effort. 1,144 more words

How much longer do we have ? Part 7

The American Revolution had very few participants at the onset, some estimates range from 5% to 12% of the total population even supported the idea of Independence, including the Founding Fathers. 690 more words


Friends, Indians, countrymen, lend me your ears;

Patriotism finds itself a distinct definition in every phase of the average Indian’s life:

Until you’re in school, it’s the agony of having to spend the first half of 2 public holidays – namely Republic Day and Independence Day – in school, singing Jana Gana Mana (the national anthem), Vande Mataram (the national song) and being compelled to watch/participate in/make herculean efforts to ward off sleep through cultural performances. 358 more words


Aliens in Movies: Just Good Watching or Something More

by Doug Bevins

Films that have aliens in them are not a new concept by far. In fact, two of the best known films about aliens have been around since the late 1970′s and early 1980′s: the Alien trilogy got its start in 1979 and ET (directed by Steven Spielberg) was released in 1982. 382 more words