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Paihia and Bay of Islands

Phaihia is much smaller, compared with Whangarei, but the Bay of Islands catches your attention immediately and you can’t help but search the ocean for islands, boats and birds. 602 more words

Dawn of a New Era - PM’s Independence Day Speech - 2014

Historic Speeches by Leaders are judged by the actions that follow it. It is seldom that as the Speech is delivered, you realize it as Historic and path breaking. 360 more words

Zambia's Golden Jubilee: Part 1

On Friday, 24 October, 2014, the nation of Zambia celebrated its 50th year of independence from the British.

I believe there were parades and parties in the cities and larger towns of Zambia, but the celebration in the village was much more low key, if not less festive. 489 more words

Top 10 Computers In The Movies cliches

Sometimes movies like to take shortcuts, there are often things that only happen in the movies like for instance, anytime a woman pukes in a movie she is obviously pregnant. 393 more words


White House Down (2013) Retro Review - Utter Rubbish

White House Down was directed by Roland Emmerich the king of the big budget blockbuster.  He’s had a slightly spotty track record from the wonderful… 479 more words

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sleep is good

dear silly girl,

hello, dear. i hope you’re having a great day at whatever point in life you are at. presently, you are fast asleep on the couch. 578 more words