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Cattitude; All felines, big or small, have it

A Cat In Residence

the cat she sits,
a stoic,
purrs and meows
as fits her mood,

the cat she sits
and does not move, 84 more words


Independence mother, daughter hide while thieves break in, steal Christmas presents

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — A mother called 911 and hid with her daughter in a bedroom Thursday afternoon while thieves broke in to their home and stole their belongings, including all of their Christmas presents under the tree. 174 more words


7 Frustrating Things That Happen When You're An Independent Girl (Who's Open About Her Feelings)

1. You don’t let feelings get in the way of anything more important or imperative but you know that feelings can’t just be separated from any of the most difficult things in life: business, tough choices, relationships, etc. 581 more words

My Freedom

There are many things that I would like to have in my life, but they are not necesseary for me to have freedom. When I say freedom, I do not mean as in being held captive physically or by my own thoughts, but more of a self-sufficient, independent freedom. 250 more words



I want independence.

If I’m not  pleased

with my life,

I want to leave it.

I settle for what’s


when so much more

is possible. 189 more words

Ramblings #3 - Pakistan.

Being an anglophile & having learnt about all the atrocities of the Indian freedom struggle since childhood, my mind is conflicted.

The one thing the Peshawar attacks have taught me are that it’s not the countries that hate each other, but it’s the select group of people so influential and conniving, smart enough to sway minds that don’t have established independent opinions. 76 more words


How A Janguard IRA Transfer Can Help You Secure Your Independence

Are you concerned about the economy and the U.S. fiscal and monetary policies? With the U.S. national debt surpassing $18 trillion and a large percentage of our GDP going to interest payments, many investors cringe when the topic of the U.S. 348 more words

Ira Transfer