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TLH 6 : Life is not a toy.

Dear reader,

Hope you’re enjoying easter while it lasts! Let’s start this weekend with a nice warm cup of tea, coffee or chocolate milk if it’s cold outside; while sharing the drinking time with some reading of this blog; if you want. 766 more words



My soul loathes change. Even though change is a natural process, I sometimes struggle to accept it.

I can think of many occurrences that have made an imprint on me, which were so significant that from that point onwards, I was and had to be a different person. 325 more words

One day.

Kagabi kasi magkatabi kami nung kapatid ko, eh medyo clingy siya kapag natutulog so okay lang naman, kapatid ako eh. Tapos lagi siyang naniniksik, muntik na ako mahulog sa kama ko, ang sakit nga nung katawan ko nung mga madaling araw eh, tapos naipit pa yung tenga ko. 333 more words

Love & Drugs

VEG Welcoming

Hi everyone,

With so much going on at VEG and in our lives, we have not been able to regularly blog and post as much as we should have the last 5 years.   260 more words


Zimbabwe @ 34, a sad introspection

FORMAL sector unemployment is very high, companies are closing down, the economy is teetering on the brink, we don’t have a national currency and corruption is running riot in high offices. 1,761 more words

The Mighty Fall

Øyvind Gregersen

The mighty warrior of freedom had grown weary

Her values trampled upon

Pieces of her principles pulled away

Her mirror image tarnished by corporate forces… 217 more words


Wonderer, Wanderer, Icarus

I will not be bound
by blood, cum or spit.
I will not be kept
by unkempt linen on a bed,
or passion-thrown to a floor, 63 more words