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Insecurity and Me

Recently a good friend mentioned that I am actually not as strong as I appear to be, but that I feel a great need to be strong because I am insecure in the need that matters to me most ie being cared for. 400 more words

Romantic Love

What Would Independence Imply For Scotland's Design Market?

Wed, 13 Aug 2014 | By Tom Banks
On 18 September the people of Scotland will vote in a referendum on whether or not to remain portion of the United Kingdom or to turn out to be independent. 24 more words

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My Journey to Yes

By Jenny McKiernan

THE YES campaign is on the cusp of a breakthrough according to the latest polls, with independence supporters within touching distance of winning. 362 more words

Alex Salmond

Missed Opportunity

People of Scotland, you all know from my last post that I am pro-independence. But I want to say something now. Something very important. I have already stressed that our Scottish voting potential has no real way of turning the tide in a UK election. 272 more words

Political Rant

My IndyRef post !

Ok, my one and only Indy Ref post!

I remember listening to this on the television and shedding more than one tear. Amazing to think that in just a few weeks time we make another huge decision about Scotland’s future. 178 more words


When Life Feels Like Slavery (or, the power to rule)

When I was little I wanted to be a filmmaker. But, as I grew up, realizing I was unsociable, I turned to writing scripts and stories which I could do on my own. 2,593 more words

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Kids and chores

Growing up I hated doing chores.  From washing clothes to vacuuming to cooking I did it and really did not appreciate any of it until I moved out.   203 more words