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Shoot a Gun: 7/4/14

Why it made the list: Guns, although controversial in today’s society, are a big part of America. Our country gained it’s independence because of our rights to bare arms and I feel that it is every American’s right to protect themselves. 150 more words

The push for independence

I see around me, (at the playgroups we attend, in my Mother’s group and out and about at playgrounds and shops) , that most parents are pushing little children and even smaller toddlers to be independent.   720 more words

Attachment Parenting

How I Met Imagination

I am five, closing the metal horseshoe latch clink shut
To the chain link fence.
The grass pokes up, almost aslant, like the view through new glasses… 353 more words


Independence referendum. The morning after the night before.

The Dynamic Earth evolution exhibition opposite the Scottish parliament was not a very happy place to be a 6.00am on the morning of Friday 19th.. The venue of Yes Scotland’s “victory” party had presumably been chosen to suggest that a dynamic new independent Scotland was going to evolve to the next level. 1,167 more words


Scottish Independence Referendum: The Mystery Machine...

I wouldn’t say I was getting obsessed with the Scottish independence referendum but imagine my surprise while watching the Boomerang weans’ telly channel when the following episode of Scooby Doo came on… 1,045 more words


One Oh Three

Bracing herself she took the first step, then another, and another until she was walking with purpose. This was the first time she had taken this journey without him. 185 more words


But if ever I stray from the path I follow
Take me down to the English Channel
Throw me in where the water is shallow…

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