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The beauty of it is that you don’t get to keep me, neither I want to keep you! We merely reconvene, from time to time, to leave a favorable impression and move on merrily! 158 more words

Contemplating Life

One Thousand Thanks: 703 - 713. Benefits of Business

This week has been so crazy. I began an internship, started a new job training, had a huge fundraiser for where I work, wrote for my client, and tried (am still trying actually) to finish a mystery party for this Saturday. 437 more words

Ann Voskamp

The Light

I’m sitting here in a cushioned chair. A Remedy Iced Chai is sitting on the table in front of me. The music from my earphones is battling Arcade Fire tripping from the speakers above me. 282 more words


Pre-Departure II: "Do you have a boyfriend there?"

This is the first question people always tend to ask me when they learn about my return to South America.

As if women are completely unable to travel and move and return to different places without a man being involved. 734 more words


Being Independent

In todays society there is still a multitude of men and women who have no sense of independence. It is okay if you are slightly dependent on others, but it is not okay to be  544 more words


Live Books and Dead Books

A long time ago, my late friend, the writer Raymond Federman, passed on to me his theory of dead and live books.  I found it useful then and still do, so I’m going to pass it on to you. 832 more words


Beginning to Pray

The Lord’s Prayer is a gift that I’ve been continually unwrapping.  It’s like a family recipe – of the very best variety – given to us by the One who is the very WORD that was spoken across the universe, releasing life; the source of all inspiration and creativity. 574 more words