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I’ve always been the type of woman to be fair and equitable to all, especially in the “dating” arena. If I am not interested, I will let you know.

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Love And Relationships


Telling a man you’re a feminist,

is the perfect pick up line,

yet they still seem shocked and saddened,

when I claim my independence as mine.

Your life is yours to Live!

There was once a lake so ravishing and divine
Its luscious water would enchant archangels
Everyone hailed that there wasn’t a lake of its kind… 119 more words

Time to go

Time to pack my hopes and dreams

Time to throw away the ache and tears

Time to say goodbye to my love ones

Time to say farewell to the perpetrators… 10 more words


Revisited: How to Love a Girl Who Don’t Give a Shit


She totally does give a shit.

Of course she does.

But, for one reason or another, she has decided to not live life held hostage to the idea that happiness is found behind a man (or woman) who will hold her hand for the rest of her life. 296 more words