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Still here, still writing.

Yep, still here and still writing. It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t posted any samples or any kind here in a while. 5,302 more words


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She Want's What?

She tells me about the perfect man she wants in her life. “He’s the sharpest dresser, the metro-sexual type with a voice. You know, the voice that makes you fall into a trance whenever you hear it.” 577 more words

Book Twenty-Six of 2014: FAIRY GODMOTHERS ARE FOR WIMPS by Laurel Veil

Once upon a time, there was nothing magical about the life of Haley Elizabeth. When she wasn’t procrastinating or hanging out with her best friend Sara, she was making “so-so” grades at Spring Hills Middle School-unlike her brainy, cheerleading, musically talented sister Hannah. 330 more words

Lucid Dreaming

I close my eyes and I see nothing but black. Then, little by little, I see a small sliver of light creeping across the foreground of my visual field. 840 more words

Independent Author

Book Twenty-Four of 2014: ANALINDE by Melissa Bitter

An enchanting tale of adventure, magic, and courage. 151,000 words long. 
Analinde is a powerful elven mage just new into her powers. When her village is attacked by Humans she races to the nearest elvish stronghold to give warning. 
423 more words

Book Twenty-Three of 2014: HIDDEN SALEM by Kiki Howell

Intuition alone brought Makayla to Salem, MA in search of a story, but her research has her confronting more than she bargained for. With her empathic gifts stronger in Witch City, she physcially suffers, landing her literally unconscious in the arms of both Noah Ayers, local cop and Dylan Baines, local history teacher. 476 more words