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America Not a Democracy

I wonder how widely known it is around the world how difficult it is for non-duopoly candidates to even run non-write in campaigns. It would be great, I think, if channels like Press TV and Russia Today could give air time to some third party/independent American candidates, and the barriers and the hurdles that they have to jump through in order to even wage candidacies in this alleged/so-called cradle of democracy. 231 more words

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Can Third Party Candidates Tap into Voter Anger?

Colorado Decides, the election debate series that we produce at Colorado Public Television along with our partners CBS4, kicks off its 2014 season this Friday night. 689 more words


Independent MP may launch legal fight for election law fairness

Independent MP Brent Rathgeber says he is considering a legal challenge to declare Canada’s election laws unconstitutional.

At least one government MP agrees with him, and Elections Canada has referred to the system as “draconian.” 485 more words