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Beacon Reader - crowdfunding the journalistic way

Most people are familiar with both Kickstarter and Indiegogo–the main crowd-funding and fundraising platforms used by entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, students, filmmakers, activists, travelers, and, apparently, people making… 422 more words

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Dominating the blogosphere

BusinessWeek ranked the top-earning blogs back in 2007, including I Can Has Cheezburger?, Talking Points Memo, Perez Hilton and Mashable in the list. Though the blogosphere was in its beginning at this point, these blogs maintained their top spots and are still well-known blogs today or launched into successful blog networks–and they all started with a passionate blogger with a unique idea. 317 more words

Independent Media

Pew Study: Drudge Report More Trusted Than CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS

Independent media titan beats mainstream networks.

A Pew Research study has found that the Drudge Report, the most pre-eminent independent media source on the web, is trusted by the American public more than CNN, MSNBC, ABC, or CBS. 111 more words

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Building a Better Democracy In Canada: Problems and Solutions

I think we have two ‘basic’ problems in Canada:

  1. We don’t have a free media in Canada…
    The Canadian media is owned and controlled by Corporate Canada, and they’ve turned it into a propaganda machine they use to control us.
  2. 762 more words
Democratic Reform

Around The Matrix And Beyond #1: October 14, 2014

Hi everybody -

I have moved on over to WP.org. and still learning my way around – pros and cons to all of it.

There are several sites that I am working on at the moment, but for now my focus is on what I am calling the update to this site:  164 more words


▶ Gaza Under Siege - Eva Bartlett on Reality Asserts Itself Part 2

Eva Bartlett, Human Rights Advocate and Journalist talks about her experiences living in Gaza

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Military Madness

#SpeakOut for Freedom

From http://www.sodahead.com

Now dreams
Are not available
To the dreamers,
Nor songs
To the singers.
In some lands
ark night
And cold steel
Prevail… 220 more words