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Dear you who understand the importance of independent and mobile media projects...

Short Version for those with no time or attention spans: PLEASE DONATE TO SUPPORT THE TRANSITION OF THE FLY AWAY ZINE MOBILE TO NEW PEOPLE AND PROJECTS!! 288 more words

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Supporting Independent Media

You may not agree, but I believe the biggest problem in our country today is the media. Well, that and corporate money influencing elections, but that’s another post. 345 more words

Mah Hurr

Ode to Jeff Cohen

For those of you who don’t know Jeff, he can be described by many definitions. Journalist, media critic, founder of FAIR, co-author and professor are only just starting out. 131 more words

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Falling behind in Broadband

Compared to the United States, every other country has a more prestigious public television. Unlike in the U.S., these stations can be independent because they receive enough funding. 78 more words

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Losing Open Internet?

In todays world, the phrase “free press” must come with the word “virtually” in front of it. Why only virtually now? Well as we discussed in my Indy Media class, there are only a few number of large companies owning everything. 150 more words

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Lest We Forget. "Remembering Abbott's Past"

The Guardian has judged him as ‘’politically incorrect to the point of dementia’’

New Statesman said Abbott represents ‘’politics at its most crass, exploitative and disturbing’’ 3,072 more words


Mainstream Media Trusts a Hoax?

What do you think of when you picture a newspaper that publishes hoaxes? Now what you do picture when you think of a hoax publishing newspaper that mainstream media turns to? 196 more words

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