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Applying lessons of Indie Media

On the Ithaca College campus, you can find a variety of viewpoints, opinions, beliefs and ideals. But no matter how many different student organization meetings, debates, or elections you attend, there’s one thing in common with all the people you’ll encounter; they’re all college students. 404 more words

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Meanwhile in Russia...

Some of the latest international independent media news surrounds Russia–where any outlets that are not state-run have begun to feel the pressure. The most recent announcement is that government headed media company Roosiya Segodnya is launching a site with a style similar to Buzzed, which Dmitry Kiselyov, head of the news agency, says is going to “combat the aggressive propaganda being fed to the world.” 346 more words

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The Drudge Report--what its "world exclusives" would be in the Facebook era

When the Drudge Report blasted Bill Clinton with its “world exclusive” report on his supposed 13-year-old love child, it went mainstream media viral. Today, however, going viral with web content means an entirely different thing. 333 more words

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The Latest on Net Neutrality

Though I consider myself as more of a political observer than activist, there is one issue I have a distinct opinion on, and that is… 258 more words

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Russia Restricts Independent Media

By Candice Norwood

The Washington Post reported Oct. 17, that Russian President Vladimir Putin, passed a law that will prevent foreigners from owning more than 20 percent of Russian media assets. 455 more words

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"Remembering Lucy Gwin" by Steven E. Brown

Remembering Lucy Gwin

Steven E. Brown, Institute on Disability Culture 

Lucy Gwin passed into whatever comes next on Oct. 30, 2014. Her impact on the disability rights movement is monumental. 1,300 more words

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