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Dying to Read – ‘Whodunit”

Dying to Read by Lorena McCourtney

This book starts off with a Whodunit Mystery Book Club meeting at which the leader is found dead. The Associate PI, sent for other reasons, is a niece living with her uncle and aunt. 112 more words


Would You Buy A Book With No Reviews?

Would I buy a book that didn’t have any reviews on Amazon?  No.  With so many demands on our time, from work to family, and options to spend time, from watching television to playing sports, I think it’s fair to say that time is precious.   515 more words

Publishing Industry

Small Presses: 2 Publishers that Accept Unagented and Unsolicited Submissions

Small and independent publishers offer an option for unpublished writers who don’t want to self-publish. Quirk Books and Köehler Books are among those that accept unagented and unsolicited submissions. 231 more words


This Doesn’t Happen in the Movies -"Or Anywhere Else"

This work is unusual for three reasons. It is about someone taking their first case as a PI—that never happens in books. Second, Reed Ferguson takes his ideas from great film noir. 136 more words


Why review indie?

Indie books are published everyday, often by people in their bedroom or study. These people have often spent hours, days or years working on their books. 233 more words


The One We Love, Donna White Glaser, Abuse Shelters, AA, Wisconsin,  Jack Lehman, Rosebud Book Reviews, Mystery

The One We Love by Donna White Glaser

I have been reviewing books for several years and have over 80,000 hits on my web site from all over the world. 254 more words