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Annual Art Exhibition

Our aim has always been to showcase achievement through the arts and raise the profile of Member Schools and our organisation but with the support of Independent schools in Victoria we are achieving much more. 283 more words

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Summer Writing Part V

Brooks has a great library, I must say. Janette went with me to play in the Luce Library stacks for a conference presentation proposal that will consist of faculty members from some of the most elite boarding schools in the nation. 35 more words

Independent Schools

Screen limits

As parents and teachers, we all know that too much screen time is not a good thing.  And yet, many of us are so addicted to our own phones and tablets we hardly have the energy to monitor how our children are spending their time! 270 more words

What Drives People of Color from your School?

The list below is one I received and discussed at a recent diversity seminar for independent schools. If you are a person of color, an ally, or one who contributes to the egregious errors listed here, I would love to further this conversation more.I also think something must be noted by the exclusion of people of color to the macro mission of the school. 267 more words

Independent Schools

Tolerating (in) private independent schools.

by Briana LeClaire, Director

Fighting over what youngsters should and shouldn’t be taught in schools is as American as baseball and apple pie. I mean – … 547 more words


As I’ve mentioned we are moving back in time through the modern movements. In addition to keeping a living timeline in our sketchbooks we are also looking for connections in the philosophies of each movement and their techniques. 227 more words

Art Education

Do all the good you can....

This John Wesley quote encourages fulfilment . I love it because it promotes constant activity, productivity and positivity . I first came across it when I taught at Kingswood School in Bath, a school founded by John Wesley in  the 18th Century. 35 more words