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Journal Entry #3 First Lab

Today I spent time in the lab, learning how to extract film from the cartridges and place them into a “tank” which after some chemical processes leads to developed film. 343 more words

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Measurement issues and Likert scales: Part 2/2

(A continuation of these posts.)

In a previous post I wandered into the debate concerning whether Likert scales can be interpreted as interval scales. I was mostly inspired Carifio and Perla’s “Ten Common Misunderstandings”, which is itself a response, to Jamieson’s 2004 article “Likert Scales: How to (Ab)use Them”. 1,715 more words

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ASIDE: some musings on ordinal rankings and individual Likert items

In “Measurement Issues and Likert Scales: Part 1″ I suggested that the attitude scales given for individual Likert items may not actually meet the criteria for ordinal scales. 404 more words

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Journal Entry #1 BBC The Genius Of Photography "2:33-6:24"

Watching this scene unfold was like watching a magician prepare the hype for his trick, because it was quite like magic. The whole room darkens and the most insignificant of holes is cut into the fabric and like chaos bursting from Pandora’s box light appears everywhere. 263 more words

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Measurement Issues and Likert Scales: Part 1 of 2

One of my major interests in philosophy of science has to do with how understanding the separation between various levels of inquiry can help pinpoint sources of error and other stumbling blocks in scientific research. 1,928 more words

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