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Independent Study

Digital Drawing # 3

Learning how to draw digitally in Photoshop. This is my first drawing.

Source image

My drawing

Independent Study

Digital Drawing # 2

This is my first attempt to color with photoshop. I took a black and white image and colored it. The image is Biggs from Final Fantasy 8.

Original Picture

Color Version

Independent Study

Digital Drawing # 1

Expanding my skills to include digital drawing. It was a little challenging at first, but here is my first digital drawing on an Ipad.

Independent Study

Off Centre Poster

Here is a poster I made for the play “Off Center”. The Theater department at CSUSM held a contest to determine their play’s poster. My design was one of the four runner-up designs in the contest.



Off Centre

Independent Study

One thing that the plaza has taught me is just that if you get a group of people together they can do amazing things. And it doesn’t have to – we’re not an unusual group of people.

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Visit to El Matadero/the Madrid Rio Project

There is perhaps no more marked contrast in Madrid today than between the red de huertos urbanos and the Matadero/Madrid Rio Project (which was formed when the city made the decision to destroy a highway so that residents could have access to the Manzanares River again).The obvious reason for this, of course, is that the latter receives city money to function while the former does not, but I’ve come to believe there is an ideological difference between these two projects as well that I hope some of the photos I’ve chosen to highlight my visit there will help illuminate. 94 more words