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Independence Day Proclamation

A matter of great importance inspires these words; it appears that the spirit of the 4th of July forfeits itself in the age of agreeableness: today’s misbegotten American willingly kneels down before the all mighty power of safety; he in turn mourns for his transgression quietly to himself. 693 more words

Great Recession

Food For Thought

A variance from my normal posts. Nevertheless, I hope the post stimulates your mind.

Without becoming too technical, it takes our brain an average of 80 milliseconds to process the information received from our eyes and/or ears. 147 more words

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

This is a type of cautionary fiction that is about a world/society which hasn’t existed. This book was first published in 1953. The major themes of the book are independent thought, censorship, government control, self-reflection, the value of books etc. 791 more words