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Poetry is Art. Not a Frog. (Guest Post)

Welcome, Poetry People, to day 10 of National Poetry Month where I’ll be hosting a range of guest bloggers during April. Click HERE to see what you’ve missed so far. 822 more words


Don't you hate missing a favorite day or activity because life got in the way?

One day each year geeks (and wanna-be geeks, like me) are afforded the opportunity to feel like kids at Christmas. The hum drum “same old-same old” stuff on the internet gives way to giggle and snicker-inspiring gags and funnies that would be meaningless any other day of the year. 377 more words

Independent Thought

Group Think....ideology...all scary stuff....

“Expansion on Jung’s thoughts”

Carl said…
“The bigger the crowd, the more negligible the individual.“
I find this both horrific
and beautiful
ugly in the sense that it supports my own thoughts… 200 more words


Luke Walker tells it how it is

They said

“Do as you’re told

So that as you grow old-

-er, you’ll learn how to be a success.”


I said

“What’s that to me… 145 more words


“People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.”

- Emma Goldman


The sexing of media and the dumbing of the public

Last year, I returned to graduate school in an effort to make good on a year of study I had done nearly a decade ago. I have since become convinced that educational institutions are better suited for the youth of the world than for adults who have grown comfortable using their minds to form their own opinions. 1,399 more words



I know it’s rough thinking for yourselves sometimes, but let’s try it and see what happens, okay?

For those clueless analysts, talking heads, ‘experts’, and anyone else who doesn’t understand why Russia has done what it has done after the meddlesome ‘west’ has gone ahead and is seeking to install yet another an anti-semitic, pro-muslim terrorist regime in Ukraine, let me give the shortest answer with ONE word. 292 more words