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Stop Delaying Your Pension

There are many Australian pensioners who enjoy the multiple benefits that come with being a pensioner. Some pensioners may even thank the government for their generosity, even though to this point, you have worked 65 years of your life away. 502 more words

Daily Life Motivation #123-Think Independently

This is a pretty good motivation video that I think will help anyone forging a new path or breaking from the mold, such as you reading this, and any artists or creative minds with great, medium, life changing, small, and insignificant ideas. Enjoy.


Industrialized Thought

Industrialized thought is modern mentality.  Modern mentality is Society’s propaganda.  Society’s propaganda is conformity.  Conformity is industrialized thought. 

Thought is independent; sovereign, self-determining, self-regulating, self-governing, FREE and completely natural.  859 more words

Independent Thought