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Costa Rica

A lot of travellers by pass Costa Rica as it’s comparatively expensive to other Central American countries. But after two weeks there I can see why tourism has stuck so big, it’s got something for everyone. 717 more words



Border crossings are never fun, there’s lots of queues, people hassling you for money exchanges, the prices are never consistent, there’s always different requirements and 9 times out of 10 you’re thirsty, hungry or tired. 762 more words



Sometimes I ask myself
With a little tinge of guilt
Why I write of so many things
But not of my mother,
Not a word. 15 more words



From thunderous mountains to giant rivers, and from explosive volcanos to deep dark caves, Guatemala is an explorers paradise.
Considering its tumultuous history in the time I spent there I felt incredibly safe and welcomed with open arms. 1,176 more words


The Indescribable Stranger

Have you ever met someone who you think you already know but changed your mind? How about someone who has been your friend for a long time but you never truly get to know him? 500 more words



They asked me to explain it,
explain that feeling I get randomly,
the one that overwhelms me with joy and leaves me in awe of life… 317 more words

Life is Complicated

My mom is falling in love

Crazy falling in love,

It’s complicated,

Love is indeed indescribable,

That’s it… it’s in most of the time irrational. 68 more words