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5 rád, ako sádzať fínsky text vo fínskom InDesigne a nezblázniť sa

Yhdessä ammattitaitoisen henkilökuntamme ja laajan alihankkijaverkostomme kanssa olemme teknisen suunnittelun moniosaaja, joka toteuttaa suuretkin projektit yli 20 vuoden rautaisella kokemuksella.


Aha. Nepýtajte sa ma, čo to presne znamená (niečo s profesionálmi a so subdodávateľmi), vedzte len, že toto je len jedna veta z ôsmych strán v podobnom duchu, ktoré momentálne sádžem do podoby brožúry vo veľkosti A4.

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Design Development-Dell

In this project we are using the scenario of relocating a selected corporate headquarter. In my case, I have choose to relocate Dell’s Marketing Sector. The following images are my design development for space renovation.

Interior Design

Ukens tutorial

Heeeelluuuuuueeen og goooood fredag!
Akkurat ferdig med ukens tutorial! Den finner du her.

Så har du tiltro til at ‘boligpris eksperten’ på forsiden vet hva hun snakker om? 78 more words


Marry Document Templates with Images and Project Data

Streamlined processes ensure consistency and fast creation of proposals, eliminating time-consuming and inefficient copy and paste proposal creation.

Allow your project teams and marketing departments to create resumes, project pages and winning proposals with your company’s branding standards that stand out from the competition with ease and speed. 117 more words


Birthday Card Design

I designed and emailed this birthday card, for my dad’s birthday. Thought I might as well put my design skills to the test, instead of buying a card, and spending more money than I have to.

Kohler To Star At Singapore Indesign – October 4 2014

Singapore InDesign, the leading architectural and style occasion for the Asia Pacific region, attracts style personalities from around the world whilst showcasing the most revolutionary new items and concepts.  23 more words

Women Ideas