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Kashmir for the Solo Female Traveler

Kashmir? Alone?

Its not safe.

Won’t you get bored?

What if something bad happens?

There are terrorists in Kashmir.

What if you got kidnapped?

You’re crazy. 846 more words


From Tokyo with love—Three Japanese brands that will soon fight for India's affections

The bonhomie between Narendra Modi and Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe has served to heighten expectations about bilateral ties. The “bromance” between the two dates back to 2012, when Modi first visited Japan as the chief minister of Gujarat. 541 more words

Painting for the Rama Foundation

I have the honour to be creatively responding to the work of the wonderful Rama Foundation – who for many years have supporting young people in India.   33 more words


"How's India?"

On account of not having adequate access to Wi-Fi until yesterday, it’s been somewhat difficult to answer that question; I’ve just been directing people to a blog post to be posted eventually. 1,372 more words


The key differences between Indian and Chinese students studying in the US

India and China already compete over global influence and natural resources. Here’s a new area of rivalry—the number of students each has in America.

From 2008-12, India sent 168,034 students to the US, accounting for 15% of the total foreign students studying there,  347 more words

manali market

the new part of town was a lot more real to me than old manali, probably because it was more modern. we helped the cook with some shopping in the backstreets, offering us a glimpse of day-to-day life in town (though it did involve a lot of sitting down on our part…). 29 more words


Week One

I have officially been here a week.  A WEEK.  How crazy is that?  Honestly, though, I think the crazier thing is that I’ve only been here a week.   275 more words

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