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A Tale of Two Ganges: Musings on Muesli and the Holiest River in the World

After a proper send off to the NOLS India team in Raniket, I caught an overnight train from Kothgodam to Haridwar-a city situated around the banks of the holy river Ganges. 610 more words


Indian politicians can only spend 8 US cents per voter, and typically spend much less

70 lakh (7 million) rupees or about $116,000 is the spending ceiling for each parliamentary candidate in India’s election. With an average of 1.5 million voters in each constituency, this translates to an expenditure of about 8 US cents per voter, though some candidates are thought to spend several times more than allowed, without declaring it.  77 more words

The Dance that One Dances

India is one place that can take you by surprise at every turn. So much of life here exists by the roadside. There is always a juxtaposition of sorts here. 130 more words


Why Varanasi may not be a cakewalk for Narendra Modi

The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in Varanasi believes it is about to give India the party’s second prime minister. But as a Banarsi who has seen the political whirlwinds of Uttar Pradesh, I don’t see Varanasi as being a safe seat for Narendra Modi. 527 more words

Watch the Ganga

Robert Moses of Namarupa sent a link along to the following documentary on the Ganga, in part to prep the Yatra Divine participants. There is plenty of information about the Ganga, as well as the trek to Gomukh that we’ll be making. 164 more words


Wal-Mart plans to open 50 wholesale stores in India over 4-5 years

Hong Kong – Wal-Mart Stores Inc plans to open 50 additional wholesale stores in India over the next 4-5 years, company spokesman Anthony Rose said on Tuesday. 26 more words


India is the world's biggest arms importer—and that's not going to change anytime soon

India has been the world’s largest arms importer every year since 2010, as its defense industry struggles to keep up with its international ambitions.

The volume of major weapons imports more than doubled between 2004-08 and 2009-13 and India’s share of the volume of international arms imports increased from 7% to 14%, according to the  941 more words