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Celebrate Dussehra Festivities on 3 Rd October in India

Dussehra is the festival celebrated for the success of good over evil. This simple concept means trust and humankind, all around the world. The festival as the name indicates is the 10th day. 511 more words


Despite media reports, the Delhi gangrape did not scare tourists away from India

Last year, nearly seven million foreigners travelled to India—the highest in its history. The number has been rising for a few years now. The only year in which there was a dip (2.2%) was in 2009, most likely caused by the 26/11 terror attacks of November 2008. 224 more words

Documentary: Ma Na Sapna - A Mother's Dream

In a surrogacy a couple who can’t carry a baby employs a woman with a healthy uterus. Ideally the egg of the mother is being fertilized with the sperm of the father and this embryo is being transferred into the surrogate mother’s womb. 196 more words


Why the West is now doing what my Indian grandfather did in the mid-1900s

During the mid-twentieth century in India, my grandfather did something that was not unheard of—he selected the careers of his six sons. In accordance with what he thought were their strengths and what he believed to be respectable occupations that would enable them to provide well for their families, he decided two should be engineers, two should be doctors, and two should be accountants. 1,034 more words

Scooty Adventure through Madurai

Today, we went on a tour of the city. We visited a cathedral, a temple, an apartment, and a famous place to get a cool treat called Jigarthanda (I think that is how you spell it). 190 more words


Life of the Holy Cow in India

Of all the myths and mystiques associated with India, the most puzzling for a westerner to grasp is the cow’s elevated status in Hindu society. With my many decades of travel in India, the veneration of cows is just another aspect of Indian life that I now take for granted, find charming and in an odd way, has rubbed off on me but it is not something that I understood easily at first. 489 more words


Falling off a horse

It was the summer of 1974. My parents had come to the Central Train Station in Chennai to wave me goodbye. I was boarding the Tamil Nadu express along with my school mates. 575 more words