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Getting no food , internet, knowledge, education, justice, voice ,house is also no humanity no democracy no liberation of human race . merry Christmas , new year greetings for this sect and other liberated sect of world .

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Goa, India

The World in Pictures. Photograph by AlanDash


Dear Chetan Bhagat: I quit my job and became a writer because of you

Dear Chetan,

First things first. Let me get a few confessions out of the way.

I have not read any of your books and yet I have seen your popularity and sales figure soar with every title you come up with. 757 more words

The mathematical mess of Indian schools: four teachers for 700 students

Pinky Bhan, 14, is the first woman in her family to go to school. Her parents, who are daily wage labourers earning less than $60 a month, want to ensure that their daughter gets a decent education. 644 more words

Book Review - An Accidental Prime Minister

I heard about – and bought – this book right during the Indian General elections of 2014, at a time when the end of Dr Singh’s administration was almost in sight, Modi’s soaring win was seen as inevitable. 322 more words


A lifelong pursuit.

Ask anybody what they want to be, they’ll all have different things to say. But if we are observant enough, we’ll realise that underneath all those hopes, wishes and aspirations there is one thing they all want to be, the only thing we… 219 more words


Indien zwischen Säkularisierung und Theokratie

In den knapp 14 Monaten, seitdem ich in Indien lebe und arbeite, gab es keinen einzigen Moment, an dem ich nicht mit religiösen Zeichen oder Riten konfrontiert war. 699 more words