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India Flint posted some time ago about a new project of hers called Solace.  It speaks to lots of issues I think about a good deal.  429 more words

Leaf Prints

Alyogyne Huegelii

Alyogne Huegelii is a spectacular flowering shrub that is native to Western Australia.  It is drought hardy but blooms profusely, and this very much explains its popularity in gardens here in Adelaide.  345 more words

Natural Dyeing

off to work in my merino tunic

I am eternally grateful to India Flint for teaching me this wonderful art that I can wear on my body.


Quilt border dyeing

I came into a lot of fabric and various other items from a friend’s mother a while back, as some of you might remember.  Most of it I found happy homes for among friends and their connections, and through the Guild.  251 more words

Natural Dyeing