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India Flint

Taking inspiration from nature, India Flint is an australian artist and fashion designer. Each of her creation is dyed using ecologically sustainable plant dyes… 60 more words


Sampling eucalypts

As we drove home from exercise group last Saturday morning, it became clear that a big part of a tree had been cut down beside a warehouse-style business near home.  602 more words

Natural Dyeing

Things learned 4

Second Skin offered lots of possibilities for learning-by-looking through the admiration of plant-dyed clothing.  India Flint was wearing her own creations every day and it was a delight to have that opportunity to see them in use and to think about their construction/reconstruction/dyeing. 283 more words


Things learned 3

Have I made it sound as though there was no real making at Second Skin, and it was all about the thinking?  Well, I was surprised by how pleasurable hand stitching and the odd spot of thinking were, but of course, there was making. 723 more words

Natural Dyeing

Things learned 2

Continuing on the theme of things learned at India Flint’s workshop recently…

I thought a good deal about the nature of knowledge.  How it is built up, a bit like sediment at the bottom of a river, microscopic layer by microscopic layer as information passes over and small deposits become part of the riverbed.  1,017 more words

Natural Dyeing

Things learned 1

I finally went to a workshop with India Flint: Second Skin, at Beautiful Silks in Melbourne.  It’s an extravagant thing to go to another city and spend three days doing things you enjoy for the sheer pleasure of doing them and learning more–and what a treat it was! 772 more words

Natural Dyeing

Eco dyed tote bag

Finally finished my eco-dyed tote bags!! Little detail being my ceramic Mountain logo. Hope to get published in India Flints new book on past students work.