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Healthy, gluten-free Kerala style breakfast

I have never seen a country where a simple breakfast varies as much as it does in India. Generally speaking North Indian breakfast that tourists most commonly come across with is about masala omelette or puri (bread made of wheat) served with curry stew, whereas South Indian breakfast is more about eating things cooked with rice flower and coconut. 251 more words

Life Blood Of The Hills. The Coolies Of Mussoorie

Ever since we moved to the meandering, steep slopes of Mussoorie, I’ve been wondering how anyone, let alone the British of yore, could survive the hills without  the intrepid Nepali coolies. 500 more words


ஓட்டளிப்பதில் ஆண்களை விட பெண்களே அதிக ஆர்வம்

At Tamil Newspapers : தமிழ் செய்தித்தாள்கள், the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us (See this article to learn more about Privacy Policies.). 17 more words

India: Hyderabad Tribunal rules on transfer pricing aspects of corporate guarantee

The Hyderabad Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) has ruled in the case of Four Soft Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad (taxpayer) on transfer pricing (TP) issues arising from the issuance of a corporate guarantee to banks in favor of associated enterprises (AEs). 282 more words

Transfer Pricing