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WPC: Yellow

For this week’s photography challenge:Yellow

A new restaurant called ‘A Hole Lot Of Love‘ , by ‘A Hole In The Wall’ group, in Bangalore. 73 more words


Woman in Coimbatore stabbed 17 times ; survives

: A woman sustained 17 stab injuries in an attack by her husband at LIC Colony near Selvapuram here on Wednesday night.

The 39-year-old woman had married the 32-year-old man five years ago after her first husband died. 236 more words


7 Days +1...

Wow, what a bumpy ride DH and I have had in the last few days and I only wish I was talking about a bit of turbulence we may have suffered on our flight tonight. 568 more words


India, Bangladesh Can Work On Mutually Beneficial Projects: PM Modi

India conveyed to Bangladesh that it is willing to work on mutually beneficial projects during a meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and visiting Bangladesh President Md Abdul Hamid here Frid… 10 more words

'INTERNATIONAL' schools in India.

Before I continue giving an account of what my experience being in international school in India is like, I would like to say that this is not the case with EVERY international school here. 642 more words

शेरा वाली माता की जय

“मीरा भोजन कर
धीरे धीरे भोजन कर
भोजन करके भजन भी कर”

मास्टर जी भजन क्या होता है

इसपर हमें तमाचा पड़ा
भजन का अर्थ गुप्त कोष में ही रहा

बड़ा होकर हमने कद पाया
धंधे का जब समय आया
तो विद्वान ने समझाया
‘सचिन’ भजन कर
बड़ा ही चालू धंधा है
साथ में चंदा है
भोजन भी मिल जाता है
यानी पेट भर जाता है

भजन का अर्थ

बीच सड़क तम्बू लगवाओ
दो दबंग तीन चार महिलाओं को बिठाओ
गाला फाडू कान उखाड़ू आवाज निकलवाओ
लॉउडस्पीकर प्रयोग में लाओ

भजन सुनाऊ?

तड़ तड़ ताड़ ताड़ ताड़
धुम धुम धूम धूम धूम
तड़ ताड़ धुम धाम धाम

शेरा वाली माता की जय