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Happy Thanksgiving Day to all My American Friends

I am for sure thankful for my wonderful wife, Alice!!

The First Thanksgiving

How many people really know how Thanksgiving began? I would venture to guess that even most Christians can’t tell you the real story of the first Thanksgiving celebration. 110 more words


A jolly nice airport

Despatched to the Himalayas to report on a spa, off I went. Who could not love an airport that is called Jolly Grant? This is the official name of the airport in Dehradun. 486 more words


Mystical Trilogy of Fire

I found Joshi Daniel photographs thanks to pressing “Like it” in this blog. But I have seen images presenting dark space with flames and few people bounded with the fire, albeit in inexplicable way to me, but with thought-provoking sort of mysticism. 52 more words


Henna freelance artist Shagufta Anwar

Have you ever been interested in the process of henna? Do you want to see how it’s done?

Well, for all of you interested in a little bit of culture check out this South Asian and Middle Eastern trend. 42 more words


20 Shades of Mountain – A Pictorial Ode to My Love Affair with the Mountains

“My pride is righteous, my shadow encompasses borders. In my might I watch guard, standing tall, mending order. Lo, I am the Mountain.” ― Mohit Behl (Madcap Mario) 932 more words