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The Honorary First Post: The Beginning of An Indian-American's Boredom

So where do I possibly begin? I could go all Crash Course World History with John Green and tell you all about the history of India, the country’s 400 or so dialects embedded into its 1.2 billion (and counting) population, the never-ending rift between Hindus and Muslims (which I’ll have you know not only exists in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh but also in the USA as well), or I could go on and on and on and tell you how to make the perfect curry dish. 703 more words


steamed chicken breast with herb butter and coconut basmati rice

I forgot the pickled vegetables.

This dish is made in 2 steps; the rice is cooked in a rice cooker and the chicken is steamed by wrapping each breast in foil then baking the packets in the oven. 509 more words


Summer Reading Review: Under the Lemon Trees

I first came upon Under the Lemon Trees at my local library as I was walking through the fiction section honestly thinking I wouldn’t have time to read. 346 more words

Book Club!

Why are Indian-Americans sweeping the US spelling bee?

I have watched the US spelling bee competition on TV a few times when visiting the US. For excitement and entertainment I would place it below the Olympics, the World Cup and a good cricket test match but above a 20/20 junket or the Eurovision song contest (which in recent times has just become ridiculous). 818 more words


Moving Back to India?

I recently read a BBC article called “India’s Potential Lures a New Generation Home.”  From the article,

Migration experts believe this mass repatriation of well-educated individuals will boost India’s economic prospect both by injecting billions of dollars worth of foreign investments and by importing skills necessary for a wider global engagement.

538 more words

5 Embarrassingly Ignorant Questions That All Indian-Americans Have Been Asked

Like many of my peers, growing up as an Indian American can feel like a lot of different things: switching between accents lest you end up sounding like a bad Aziz Ansari imitation, feeling like you don’t belong at times because you’re always so torn between different social circles, and dealing with the rampant ignorance present in modern society towards Indians. 541 more words