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Indians in the US make the most because they studied the most

It seems pretty clear.

A recent paper from the US Department of Labor spotlighted the diverse earnings dynamics among America’s racial and ethnic groups. This simple takeaway is that those who identify as Indian have earnings that are head and shoulders above the rest. 371 more words

Indianizing the world..

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North Korea. Pakistan. Bhutan. These are the three countries which don’t have a single NRI as per a recent survey. Surprised? Shocked? Stunned? Don’t be. 748 more words

My Thots And Scribbles

Why are Indian-Americans Democrats?

Simple. Because the Republican Party stresses immigrant assimilation, while Indian-Americans aren’t planning on assimilating. Koreans and Vietnamese (who are less Democrat-leaning) at least have some intent to assimilate into American identity and lose the nonessential parts of their Old World culture. 359 more words


Bay Area Indian-Americans Hopeful With Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Visit To U.S.; Could Bring Boost To Silicon Valley

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — The fastest growing ethnic group in the Bay Area is watching closely as the new prime minister of India meets with Pres. 285 more words


#ModiAtMadison: The India Pitch

Hordes of articles and opinions are floating across the web and TV regarding PM Modi’s American sojourn and everyone has their own introspection of the gala reception he has got there and welcomed as a rockstar. 959 more words


The intelligence of Indian Americans

One of the great mysteries in IQ research is why Indian Americans are such super achievers despite the fact that India reportedly has an IQ of only 82 according to the book… 638 more words

"Return To India" A Memoir by Shoba Narayan

I have always loved reading memoirs and was delighted to come across, ” Return to India” by Shoba Narayan. Here she writes of the angst caused in most Indian-Americans caught in a within the mind crossfire between the country where they were born and bred as children and their adopted country which has given them more than abundant monetary and other worldly conveniences they would not have got in the Old Country. 555 more words

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