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Naan (Leavened oven-baked flat bread)

As is the case with lentils (being the core in an Indian staple diet), Bread(s) also enjoy the same status. Indians enjoy a variety of bread as part of their daily routine, most of the usual ones being – Roti/Chapati, Tandoori Roti, Naan, and Parantha. 955 more words

Indian Bread

Spinach Flat Bread (Palak Parantha)

Yes, I understand that even though I go on saying healthy eating/lifestyle, I tend to come back with Indian dishes which are more of carbohydrates :) In my defence, I would say that the mantra to a healthy lifestyle is eating a balanced diet, of which carbohydrates are an essential building block!! 510 more words

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Whole wheat Phudina/Mint Kulchas (Yeast free)

Kulchas are thick and they fluff up like phulkas. In this Kuclahs have used whole wheat flour and flavoured with mint. This delicious freshly made Kulchas are yeatst free and easy to make. 261 more words


Potato Parantha (Indian Flat bread stuffed with spicy potato filling)

Now, this is another form of carbohydrates that we Indians just love to have. One can safely assume that Parantha is prepared/eaten in every Indian household. 619 more words


Stuffed Broccoli Parantha (Indian Flat bread with stuffed broccoli)

Broccoli is a very healthy vegetable and one that is full of nutrition. But broccoli is still trying to find its place in Indian kitchen due to its different taste and a slightly pungent smell. 551 more words

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The Weekend Relish : Sattu ka Paratha (stuffed Indian bread)

Sattu is main food in UP region. It is roasted Chana flour as compared to Besan. Check out this healthy Sattu ka paratha recipe for a perfect Sunday breakfast! 213 more words