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Gobi paratha (Cauliflower paratha)

I love making parathas. It all began when I initially started cooking and I could never get my parathas right. The first paratha I made was in my mom’s kitchen back at home. 463 more words


Broccoli Stem Parantha 

Broccoli is a very nutritional vegetables, full of many essential vitamins, minerals and low in calories. However today I have used the stems (Danthal in hindi) of Broccoli, which generally goes in the bin, to make Broccoli Stem Parantha.  605 more words

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Methi Roti-Theplas

Thepla (methi roti) is a quintessential Gujarati delicacy. Gujarat is a state to the northwestern side of India. The people who live there and the language spoken there is predominantly Gujarati. 465 more words


Malai or Til wali Roti- Indian bread made with cream & sesame seeds

Reviving my childhood memories since I come back from Stockholm,specially with food. It’s winter time and I am not hesitant to splurge myself  in my all time favorite indulgent dishes.Everyday feels like a festive day and I crave for something special.I am not a outdoor eating person so I tend to satiate my food cravings either by trying new experiments with my favorite food or by recreating my mum’s recipes which I have been relishing till now. 424 more words

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Alu Mutter Paratha

Alu mutter paratha means Indian bread stuffed with potatoes and peas. Parathas traditionally are a staple from North India, but are now available and eaten throughout India. 638 more words


Shahi Gujarati Puran Poli

This recipe is my personal favourite, A meal by itself as well as a Dessert.

Serve it with spicy vegetables and Gujarati Dal and you are surely to woo the Guests. 259 more words

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Avocado Parantha

The super-food Avocado is mostly eaten plain, in salads, as a dip (most famous one is Guacamole) or in the form of shakes. But today I have given this amazing fruit an Indian twist – I have made Avocado Parantha😊. 596 more words

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