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Rotis on the Grill

Ask an Indian housewife of my parents’ generation what is the easiest thing to cook, and I’ll bet you my bottom dollar most will say Rotis (Chapatis). 278 more words


Gorgeous Herb flavored Naan

How one video can change your naan!

I saw, I made and I conquered my naan bread recipe. Jokes apart, this is a great recipe. 214 more words

Deepa Pant

Bhature: Indian Bread

Fried, fluffy and soft Indian bread that pairs well with Chhole/Chick peas and a glass of buttermilk. 92 more words

Deepa Pant

Paratha - Matar Paneer stuffing - Recipe

I am in love with Parathas !!

This is not a new found one but a childhood crush turned into obsession :)  My husband complains of me having sorta PCD “Paratha Compulsive Disorder” :p. 384 more words


Navarathan Kurma & Parotta

Hot and spicy Kurma served with a flaky “b”arotta is such a delight to the taste buds. Instead of the usual South Indian coconut kurma, I made this navarathan Kurma. 225 more words

Dakshin Cuisine

Parotta (South Indian Parotta)

South Indian Parotta (or “Barotta”, as it is called) is a flaky and soft variety of paratha that is served with Kurma! :) Yum yum! 219 more words

Dakshin Cuisine

रोटी- matic

बेलन वाली रोटियाँ,
मशीन वाली रोटियाँ,
जो भी हैं बस हैं दाम वाली रोटियाँ,
एक का मोल हैं अनमोल,
मां के हाँथों का प्यार,
दूसरे का मोल हैं ,