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Millet Idli(with millet flour)

Most of my blogger friends have been posting on this millets idli, dosa. I was so impressed and wanted to try it. I somehow couldn’t find millets in market. 225 more words


Green Chutney(Dip) with Avocado

Who doesn’t love green chutney? I hope I am not biased ;) , but as far as I have seen many of us love this chutney. 119 more words


Moong Bean Pancakes

This is a very typical Indian preparation from the state of Maharashtra. As a country with probably the lowest rate of meat consumption, a lot of people are what we call purely vegetarian. 344 more words


Spinach Phulka/Palak Phulka(with multigrain atta)

I have been asked to include more of spinach in my food these days. I have so many spinach recipes and always wanted to try spinach phulka’s.  286 more words


Arisi Upma/Rice Rava Upma

Rice rava upma/arisi upma is one of my favorite. I used to love it when my grandma prepares it. My hubby somehow doesn’t like it, he used to say I make it very dry. 313 more words


Today's Breakfast

Gotambu uppumavu (broken wheat upma) and cherupayar curry (Green gram curry).

The recipes are simple.

Broken wheat Upma



Peanuts Chutney

I have never been liking peanuts until I started having this chutney. My hubby loves peanuts on the other hand. When ever we are on flight or any trips his major snack would be roasted peanuts. 211 more words