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Equal Footing: ABA Recognizes Members of Tribal Courts Bar as Members

By: Theodore J. Griswold | ted.griswold@procopio.com

The American Bar Association (ABA) has long recognized the important role of human rights relating to Native American people and their way of life (see… 305 more words

A look inside the Cathlapotle Plankhouse

It’s sort of ironic that a reproduction native plankhouse was reconstructed in a national wildlife refuge. The federal government’s initiative to preserve the native wildlife species is also home to a traditional habitat of native peoples. 206 more words

Indian Country

PLSI: Empowering Indian Country, Building the Legal Profession and Native Bar

By: Eric Abeita

Transitioning into law school can be a difficult process.  The methods of research, analysis, and writing that are distinct to the legal profession are different than those learned in undergraduate or other graduate course work.  477 more words

Not simply a rodeo

Not Simply a Rodeo

Many facets of a rodeo are difficult to watch as the animals are pulled, restrained and chased. It was also painful to see the obvious correlation between those beasts of the field and the Native Americans who were participating. 306 more words

Indian Country

Thank you for voting for the Warm Springs Rodeo photo on National Geographic's Photo of the Day website

I appreciate the 129 people who voted for this image on the NGS site. I’ll be posting a more expansive group of photos from the event this week, along with my reflections of my first visit on the Warm Springs Reservation.

Indian Country

Pi-Ume-Sha celebration in Warm Springs, Oregon

East, beyond the lush forests surrounding Mount Hood, the high desert of central Oregon quickly surrounds you. The sage and small groups of wild horses appear. 316 more words

Indian Country

Good News Regarding Income Tax Relief for Certain Tribal Government Programs

By: Eric D. Swenson

On June 4, 2014, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued Revenue Procedure 2014-35, which provides the requirements that must be met order for an Indian Tribal program to meet the requirements necessary for the General Welfare Exclusion to apply.  196 more words