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An Incurable Insanity Chap 23: Reactions

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“Well, well…” Sunshine sat back in her easy chair after propping her cane carefully against the fireplace. “How wonderful to have two of my favorite young people in the same room together.” 972 more words


Celebrate India’s past, don't ignore it - Madhav Nalapat

“I will omit all discussion of the science of the Indians, … of their subtle discoveries in astronomy, discoveries that are more ingenious than those of the Greeks and the Babylonians, and of their valuable methods of calculation which surpass description. 1,008 more words

A Decade in Australia

Its 2014 and it’s been ten years living in Sydney, Australia. It’s been a long time and still memories of when I first arrived and early days of struggle are still fresh in my heart and mind. 319 more words


The Bindi

I’ve always loved the big red dot on women’s foreheads. My mom always wore one, still does, every single day. And it always symbolized feminine elegance and beauty to me. 165 more words

Indian Culture

5 Most Basic Freedoms that Indians still don't enjoy

We gained independence from the British 67 years ago but some of THE MOST BASIC PERSONAL FREEDOMS are still a far reaching concept in India. It’s so bad that we have accepted these CHAINS as an extension of us and our society. 15 more words


India going to celebrate it's 68th Independence day on 15th August 2014 - Friday

Few hours left and India will be celebrating its 68th Independence day. We are ready to welcome this auspicious day.

This is the day we got freedom from british rule. 129 more words

6th Independence Day 2014