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An Incurable Insanity Chap 27: Reconcile

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Ruhi raised a trembling hand to her warm cheek.

“He dared to kiss me? He dared do that?”

She pushed the blinds aside and took a guarded peek at the parking lot. 3,432 more words


Diwali and almost healthy chivda.

         Diwali is here – sweets,lamps,candles :-) Candles being what I love most. Me and Ms.A go berserk lighting candles and putting them on Decorations, Flowers , Rangoli etc., while R prowls around making sure the house doesn’t burn down and looking at me like I’m a bit mad. 415 more words


Celebrating Navratri + Another Tamanna Palette Look!

I am not Gujarati but love the 9 days of dancing and celebrations! I never get a chance to go out for Garba – but this year our friends invited us to join them for a night out of dancing and fun and we just knew we had to go! 225 more words


What They Think About India

Being an Indian abroad might not be exotic but everyone knows about India unless someone was living under a rock. I have been fortunate in having the opportunity of understanding more about my country through the eyes of people from other countries during my travels. 791 more words

Just Thinking

Mysore Dasara: A Cultural Feast

Its been almost 3 years  I am a resident of Mysore city. A city which is full of historical monuments and heritage to be carried on. 691 more words

South India