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5 Most Basic Freedoms that Indians still don't enjoy

We gained independence from the British 67 years ago but some of THE MOST BASIC PERSONAL FREEDOMS are still a far reaching concept in India. It’s so bad that we have accepted these CHAINS as an extension of us and our society. 15 more words


India going to celebrate it's 68th Independence day on 15th August 2014 - Friday

Few hours left and India will be celebrating its 68th Independence day. We are ready to welcome this auspicious day.

This is the day we got freedom from british rule. 129 more words

6th Independence Day 2014


Dance Theatre of India, Performed by Natya Dance Theatre. Moods and emotions are expressed giving visual interpretations to the musical presentation.
Musicians from India perform. Vocals, the bamboo flute, a stringed instrument called the veena, cymbals, and the double headed drum bring alive percussive dance that uses geometrical patterns made by movement vocabulary. 55 more words

India shining! Ache din ayengey! We are developing! What! When! ????

Its 2014 and we are still developing, why not developed? really a big question. What you think is the reason behind this? Over population? bad Infra? 313 more words

Ache Din Ayengey

How to be a Good Indian Woman

It has come to my attention that many women have been demanding to be treated as humans. It’s not their fault, sometimes they aren’t educated about how they aren’t. 591 more words


Customs And Traditions of Indian Culture

Indian Culture remains the most beautiful culture and tradition within the world.The culture of India is among the world’s oldest, reaching back about 5,000 years. Many sources describe it as “Sa Prathama Sanskrati Vishvavara” the first and the supreme culture in the world. 304 more words


Rakshabandhan ... A gift or Curse ?

                      Please do note that no I haven’t been forced to call a girl I’ve crush on as sister today nor ever. But its something I’ve been observing over years since my childhood and to an extent even played my part in this pathetic modern culture we all are part of. 800 more words