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Punjab Grill

Someone senior was giving the 3 Little Chubs a treat today, and Punjab Grill was suggested by someone who had been there and loved it. 1,130 more words


Shahi Tofu

‘Shahi Paneer’ -Such a popular Indian Curry. Loaded with CREAM, more CREAM and sometimes Yogurt and Fried Paneer and Full Cream Milk. Not a slightest trace of any ‘vegan’ main ingredients. 376 more words


Taj Mahal of India Restaurant

I have been craving for Indian curry for a quite long time. I haven’t found a good Indian restaurant for lunch buffet near work. Yes, I prefer buffet since I want to try a little bit everything. 116 more words

At Work

Butter chicken

Butter chicken is the most popular Indian curry – everyone knows about it, most people order it and love eating it. Is it the creamy tomato sauce, the way the chicken melts in your mouth or could it be that butter chicken has all the spice and flavour we love a curry to be, without being overly hot to the palette? 1,085 more words



This is my ancestral food…I am a Gujarati Patel, Gujarati food is known for its sweet taste, that’s not how we Patel’s eat our food, I can never eat food at a Gujarati restaurant cause it is so different in terms of flavours from the food we eat at home. 596 more words

Food Photography

Sesame & coconut relish (ellu gojju)

My Mother ‘s, Grand mother’s and Even my Grand father’s cooking has always been a matter of bold flavors. Till date, when appreciating my mother’s cooking, Granddad would use the words “very nice, very strong” :) 169 more words


Curry: the national dish of Scotland

When you thing of food in Scotland and what may be the national dish, the most obvious thing that comes to mind is probably Haggis, butter shortbread biscuits or irn bru (a creamy soda type flavoured soft drink that is more popular than Coca-cola in this country!). 113 more words

Feeling Hungry