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Ten things I have learned from Indian men

How to get a Girl Friend?

Who else could you turn to for some advice in love? The inventors of the Kamasutra; they do know it all, don’t they? 1,467 more words


A local train ride into the heart of the 'real' India!

It took me a while to gather courage for boarding a shuttle (local train) in Delhi when some work demanded that I go to Faridabad from Delhi every day. 933 more words


'We' - The Women

**The sky lined with dark clouds, the trees fighting an unknown war, the rain from the sky: saddening and loud. Flooded roads echoing the cries and loud bangs of objects falling on earth with a glaring tail of light…an apocalyptic scenario. 735 more words



The thing that strikes one about Ashwin Bharti is his unusual mane and the beard that he keeps fiddling with, while chatting. But this is not the first time I’m meeting this eccentric, Osho Sannyasi. 770 more words

Indian Men

The Curious Case Of The Stay at Home Dad

I had heard rumors of this but never knew they existed, the stay at home dad. I know of two families where the dad either works from home or stays at home and helps with the wife’s business and manages the children. 492 more words

Being Mommy

Adopted Indian

You may have watched tons of Bollywood movies and met lots of Indian people before travelling or moving to India, but nothing can prepare you for the reality. 836 more words


One body, multiple owners: the co-ownership mindset in India

In early June this year, two teenage girls were raped and hanged to death when they were on the way to the bathroom in the fields. 2,097 more words