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Your Boyfriend is From India?

Falling in love with a man from India has been a roller coaster combination of many interesting conversations, arguments, passions and complexities.

I wouldn’t trade him for the world though, because he has brightened my disillusioned and tired mind. 1,205 more words


Rapes in India - The Survey

Recently I came across this article which was about survey done on the roads of Mumbai about why rapes happen in India.

Title – These Indian Men Justifying Rapes Is The Most Disgusting Thing You’ll Ever See… 726 more words

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Meet The Quintessential Indian Husband!

Wives in India are usually touted as peculiar, confused etc. Something that conveniently gets ignored in our male chauvinistic society is the weirdness of the classic Indian Husband. 119 more words

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Survey on intimate partner violence against Indian men

This survey is closed

In all domestic violence surveys conducted previously, the survey focused on gender biased definition of the crime. Even UN, USAID and NFHS failed to study this crime in gender neutral manner. 4,051 more words

Domestic Violence

Indian Men Are Papadum

Would someone tell me why Indians are called Papadums?

Those not in high school or not working at a company that hires Indians may have not heard this, but everyone else knows that Indian men are papadums. 145 more words

The Indian Patriarchy & Feminism

While there are a lot of issues that women of India are going through; equality is something we strive to achieve to ensure women rights, opportunities and respect is preserved. 2,996 more words

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India assured of five medals [28th SEM. 2014]

Yuki Bhambri gave a rousing start for the day for Indian tennis and the crack combination of Sania Mirza and Saketh Myneni put the icing on the cake late in the evening, as Indian tennis ensured five medals in the Asian Games on Saturday. 568 more words