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4/21: Concert for Bangladesh

Thought I’d introduce this new portion of the blog, Album Reflections. Here the Fox and I examine past masterpieces in music, discussing the importance and impeccable nature of the record. 242 more words

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She Will Be Loved O Re Piya - Panoramic by PennMasala

I love this band that I just discovered due to a recent video of theirs which has gone viral. Nice to see Indians(I think they are NRIs though) do well! 10 more words

Meditation music: 10 sites you need to know

Meditation Music is music performed to aid in the practice of meditation.

It can have a specific religious content, but also more recently has been associated with modern composers who utilize meditation techniques in their process of composition, or who compose such music with no particular religious group as a focus. 71 more words


Memorable marathi songs - आठवणीतील गाणी!

मराठीत असंख्य सुंदर गाणी आहेत.  काही गाण्यातील शब्द, काहींतील भाव, काहींतील स्वर आणि काही वेळा आवाज आपल्या मनात ठाव करून राहते. मला आवडत असेलेली गाणी मी येथे नमूद करणार आहे. 26 more words


Indian Stuff - The Idea - http://igg.me/at/indianstuff

IndianStuff - the idea


IndianStuff is an online store that sells Indian lifestyle and culture based products and services worldwide. Indian Books, music, handicrafts, traditional arts, clothes, traditional mouth fresheners- atIndianStuff you can get them all. 1,116 more words

Amar Chitra Katha Collection

New Location in Costa Mesa/Newport

We are happy to announce a new location located in the “Back Bay” of Newport Beach, in Costa Mesa.  Just minutes from the 405 and 55 freeways and UC Irvine, this location is easy to access for many student and lovers of sacred music.   29 more words

Sangita Yoga News

"Traces of you" review

This album is just a gift from heaven. A jewel fullfilling one wish: to reunite my favorite sitar player and my favourite folk singer. And the fact is they are sisters, the daughters of Indian sitar maestro Ravi Shankar! 187 more words