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Listening to Ilaiyaraja in a Park Slope Coffee Shop

Park Slope, in Brooklyn, is hippie haven. Well dressed intelligent looking people of all ages congregate in coffee and tea shops tapping away on their macs denouncing corporations and toting organic bags. 252 more words


Aaj Sab Theek Hai - New Song About Blaming it on the Ooparwaala

Here’s a little song I wrote,
You might want to sing it note for note,
Don’t worry,
And blame it on,
The ooparwaala.


Verse: 237 more words


Introducing Vennu Mallesh: The Latest In Indian Hip-Hop

As much as this video is quite old now, I feel that it’s necessary to help spread the hottest music, directly from India. I’m happy to introduce you to the Badboy of Bangalore… Vennu Mallesh


Baniyaan - An Original Song.

Hello doston,

Here’s a new dance song about vests. Not joking.

I absolutely love Anwar Masood saab’s poems, even if I don’t always understand them 100%. 109 more words


Performance/World Bazaar.

NYU Shanghai is hosting a ‘World Bazaar’ today. It is an event designed around the idea of cultural appreciation. Because we have people from so many different nationalities and cultures, I think it is important that we all come to understand better other cultures. 216 more words

Post for a few Notes!!...

Love them for all you can..

Kiss them all you want…

remember the debt they will pay..remember the role u will play

linking up up in the grainy haze of a muddled morning… 483 more words

For The Heck Of It!!

Camilla - Composition Inspired by Raga Gamanashrama (Audio & Notation)

Here’s a composition inspired by Carnatic raga Gamanashrama from my upcoming All India Permit EP out 11/4 on Pursuance Records. Raga Gamanashrama is a lydian scale with a flat 9, with scale degrees 1 – b2 – 3 – #4 – 5 – 6 – 7. 53 more words

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