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Vedantic Wednesday: Giving and Taking

Though from my school days, giving has always been a part of me; it is more of a habit. It had been ingrained into us that there are people less fortunate than us and it is our duty to give. 326 more words

Vedanta And Me

Common ground between Physics & Indian Philosophy (1)

Indian philosophy has striking similarities with laws of physics. In west there was friction between science & religion (due to which science could be developed only during last 400-500 years), but in India it was all assimilated. 393 more words


Vedantic Wednesday: If Only!

I could know exactly what I want and what I don’t want

I could know what I should buy and what I shouldn’t

I could know what I should do and shouldn’t… 204 more words

Vedanta And Me

Mahabharata Kingdom Map

Mahabharata referred Indian subcontinent as Bharata, not just the India we have today. At that time the entire Indian subcontinent was ruled by different kingdoms within and they all together were identified as different parts of Bharata. 120 more words

Proceedings of Second Online Session

Society for Positive Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies (SPPIS), Haryana

Second Online Session

on the theme

Development of Philosophy in India

24th June, 2014


Table of Content… 175 more words

Development Of Philosophy