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Cricket: Administrators are like great whites without the water

It is a devastating prospect to even contemplate; those “running the game” (think ICC, BCCI etc) have their wallets lined, yet “behind the scenes” it is chaotic.  679 more words


ek glo! Despite you, Hansie!

I am a cricket lover. Cricinfo is a site I visit at least once a day. I played weekend amateur cricket all the way up to 2008. 1,116 more words

Last Word

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Almost exactly 3 years ago, LeggieLefty wrote this ode to cricket. At that time three young men had been sent to jail for "spot-fixing", predetermined outcomes within a match. Today's news is that the one N Srinivasan has been named in a corruption scandal. At the time he was the head of the BCCI, the Board of Control for Cricket in India, the most powerful sports body in the world, some say. He has now been elevated to the world body. The International Cricket Conference is the world's most toothless sports governance body. http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/current/story/799467.html A very sad day for us all here at SloWord. Even though LeggieLefty is transitioning off this blog, he will always remain an integral part of SloWord. Pray for cricket, if you please!

Will The Emergence Of The Indian Super League See More Indian Players Go To Europe?

The rise of India has been quite remarkable whether it be in the sense of global economy or the sporting world. The emergence and the rise of the Indian Premier league has been quite phenomenal. 506 more words

The emergence of Badshah “King” Khan…A successful journey of Shah Rukh Khan

They were my childhood days when we were thrilled to see the rushes of a new actor called Shah Rukh Khan in a movie called… 1,165 more words


Is This the End of the West Indies as a Cricketing Entity?

For reasons that were at once predictable and shocking, the past week has seen developments that it’s not being grandiose to say may lead to the… 664 more words


Cost of sports fandom around the world

Olympic.ca is currently featuring a series exploring sports fans. 

Following a sports team closely can be costly.

Aside from the emotional ups and downs, and immeasurable opportunity costs such as your significant other finally getting fed up and leaving you, fandom also hits your bank account like a classic open-ice… 831 more words


Indian footballer dies after goal celebration

Indian footballer Peter Biaksangzuala has died from injuries he sustained as he landed awkwardly whilst celebrating.

The 23-year-old damaged his spinal cord doing a somersault after scoring an equaliser for Bethlehem Vengthland FC against Chanmari West FC. 88 more words